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"Dial-a-Prayer!" London-InterBank-Order-Rate... LIBOR


      London Inter-Bank Order Rate (LIBOR)
      US Dollar, British Pound Sterling... Japanese Yen... German Mark... French Frank...

    The LIBOR escalates $350 Billion variable rate loans.

      "Dialing-for-Dollars:" International Edition.

What you do, should you accept this mission:

  • You sit in a London office awaiting wishful banker phone calls.
    • LIBOR Phone-a-Thon.
      • Daily-Pall... call from bankers.
      • Lying in wait of their prey...
      • Though paper-cash has but little weight.
      • They lie, in wait of your wealth.
    • Up to about 20 very large banks will contact you each day.
    • You record & tally their wishful responses to one question:
        "What interest rate do you think your bank would receive form another bank today?"


    • No verification or actual loan necessary.
    • Just receive Banker wishful thinking.
    • Sum up the totals.
    • Discard out & out-lying.
    • Calculate the mean (very mean) Banker LIBOR.

    Here is your list of frequent callers:

    • Bank of America, USA
    • Barclays,England
    • Citigroup, USA
    • Credit Suisse, Switzerland
    • Deutsche Bank, Germany,
    • HSBC, England
    • JPMorgan Chase, USA
    • Lloyds, England
    • Rabobank, Netherlands
    • Royal Bank of Canada, Canada
    • Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi,
    • Norinchukin Bank, Japan
    • Royal Bank of Scotland, Scotland
    • & West LB

    Official setup:

    • Telephone or telegraph
    • Pencil & paper
    • Tea (might take all morning)

    Further details: Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.

    --------------------------- LIBOR ---------------------------
    July, 2012 Update. CNBC broadcasts LIBOR & Silver Manipulation is a fact. 13 minute video (fireworks about LIBOR & Silver @ 9:25 minute mark).

    Big banks investigated over LIBOR rate manipulation
    By Brooke Masters, Patrick Jenkins, and Justin Baer, Financial Times, London, March 15, 2011

    Regulators in the United States, Japan, and UK are investigating whether some of the biggest banks conspired to "manipulate" the benchmark interest rate used to calculate the cost of [ $350 Billion ] ... debt.

    [ MT: Though this has been obvious & common knowledge for three decades among Bankers, investigators charge forth with subpoenas. ]

    The investigation centers on the panel of 16 banks that help the British Bankers' Association set the London interbank offered rate, or LIBOR -- the estimated cost of borrowing for banks between each other...

    The probe came to light... when the Swiss bank, UBS disclosed in its annual report that it had received subpoenas from three US agencies and an information demand from the Japanese Financial Supervisory Agency...

    ------------ Raking Your Wealth Over Hot Coals ------------

    Raking in your cash... whether you suspect it or not.

    The Monopoly Boyz dart in & out of metal option contracts. They collect your wealth.

    One moment Gold & Silver cliff dive. Next, something else of value. Only to return over & over to rake in your wealth... where ever you stash it.

    Mark my Twain! Recent posts on Gold & Silver.

    • Gold: "Banging the Close!" CFTC sleeps. 03/25/2011
    • Central Banks: Root Canal Evil 03/23/2011
    • X-Fed.. Admits Gold Manipulation in Fed Minutes. Gold Std. Report

    Bank Discount Rate? Prime rate?

    • Discount Rate in US:
      • Fed make-believes.
      • Fed rate edict demanded of member banks... Oh so secret.
      • No international phone charges apply.
      • Perhaps lower phone tolls are the origin of the "Discount" sign in the window.
    • Prime Rate in US:
      • US Banks decide amongst themselves calling in to their own "Dialing for Dollars." New York hot line.
      • "Dial-a-Prayer" US edition.
        • US Prime Rate procedure is nearly identical to LIBOR; however, again no international phone charges apply.
        • Resets $6.3 Trillion Prime Rate (St Louis Fed M-PRIME) variable interest loans.
          Prime Rate, St Louis Fed M-PRIME. Search charts: The Bank Prime Rate.
        • Imagine: "Prime Rate" resets $7 Trillion in loans by "Dialing-for-Dollars"
        • Based on banker answers to their own question, summed up and averaged by, "Dial-a-Prayer," New York addition.

        You could answer that call. You could calculate the Prime rate bankers are praying for...

        The Curmudgeon's Attic: Interest rates pushing on a string? Economic, Political and Social Commentary
        Interest Rates, Money Velocity, Inflation, Employment Levels and Economic Performance. Charts courtesy of the St Louis Fed.

        These offers & more brought to you by Monopoly Boyz: raking your wealth... over hot coals... since 1913.

        In case of emergency, break glass.

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    Wow, MT

    thanks for the information.

    "Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
    Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

    Bump for more info.

    Thanks, MT.