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Long Term Gun Storage

So I've been doing a little research on properly storing guns long term. What I've come up with is storing them in PVC tubes with threaded caps, but the recommendation is some sort of gear oil or grease.

Has anybody has experience with silicone based greases/oils and guns, and what are your recommendations?

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You guys act like one or two guns is all

you have. :)

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love people who love guns


First, get one of these: http://www.foodsaver.com/Index.aspx
and some of these that are 11" x 16' http://www.foodsaver.com/product.aspx?pid=11894

Then get some of these: http://www.drypak.com/oxygenAbsorbers.html
or these http://www.drypak.com/VCIbagsFilmsEmitters.html

Slide your lightly oiled gun into the vacuum bag, sprinkle in several oxygen absorbers, and/or some corrosion inhibitors and seal the bag, you can even double bag it. If you want to make it impact resistant, put it in a piece of PVC pipe with end caps and add spray foam. That should keep for the rest of your life and could even be buried! Remember to include ammo!

Very nice.

I hadn't thought of the vacuum sealing, was just going to suggest sealing Oxygen Absorbers in a pvc tube.

I like your idea better.

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I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Think about which ones you wanna store also...

A BAR may not work if stored overnight in the closet, but a remington 870 might last without putting it in a bag at all. If your still planning on voting Obama, you might need them.



Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Won't be voting for Obama.

Won't be voting for Obama. Since I no longer have a UCA residence, I am no longer registered to vote there.

If it ever comes to that, we

If it ever comes to that, we are screwed unless we have telephone or smokescreen network setup.

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Cosmoline, it works on bikes and the military

used it back in the day. Second thought is keep them dry and handy.LoL!

Just a thought.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Long term...?

cosmoline all the way....

Be sure to cache cleaning supplies

as that heavy grease is a bear to remove.

If you need to bury your guns in plastic tubes,

your waited much too long to use them for their Constitutionally intended purpose. How will you keep in practice if you bury them? And how likely is it that the federal gestapo will show up at your house for a search?

The Russians packed their Mosin Nagants after WWII in cosmoline and it seemed to have done a great job.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

The problems this world is

The problems this world is running into go way beyond the government's fault or ability to save us.

caching Henry.

You'll WISH you had a gun or two buried here and there one day if things get as bad as FEMA expects.

That is always a possibility.

But then if things as so bad that we need to bury our guns, I doubt that we would be a very effective force. You can't shoot with something stashed away.

I live out in the boonies, and I bet at least 60% of us out here have at least a dozen guns each in our homes, just because they are popular. I don't know what the compliance rate would be if there were a gun round up, but I suspect it would be very, very low, and difficult to enforce. The government can't even now control guns in bad areas of cities where the police can concentrate.

I'll just keep my guns handy and continue stockpiling ammo which I think could be a much more critical problem than guns themselves. Hell, I just spent a day last week out at the local shooting range zeroing in and practicing with my new SWFA 10X42 and 10x42M 30mm scopes on my two Remington 700's in 30.06. I can still shoot 1/3 inch groups with cheap ammo at 100 yds. even with my old eyes, and my neighbors are even better. Of course my old shoulder knows what I've been up to.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

You're going to keep all your eggs in one basket,

aren't you? You should take a tip from the squirrels. They bury their nuts all over the place and remember where most of them are. If they stored them all in one place, sure as Hell some critter would come along and steal them.

If you have a dozen guns, how many can you use at once? You really should consider setting one aside that you can get to if all the others are suddenly inaccessible.

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Let's say your house burns down with all your guns inside. Let's say there's a chemical spill and your neighborhood is evacuated. Let's say there's a home invasion while you're in the shower but you slip out the bathroom window. You might appreciate having an extra set of clothes, some food and water, a flashlight, some cash, and a gun and ammo hidden out there away from the house.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Thanks, Jdayh

I do recommend that anyone handy in the shop make their own. The products I sell are for those without the time, skill, or inclination to make their own.

I use several layers of protection for dry gun storage: two layers of heat-sealed Mylar covering a thoroughly wrapped & padded weapon with O2 absorbers inside (you can use hand-warmer packets for O2 absorbers). If the oxygen is gone, rust cannot form regardless of moisture level.

The Mylar wrapped weapon is next placed into a PVC tube, again with plenty of padding to protect the Mylar, and the tube sealed with either an expansion plug or a threaded fitting. When I used threaded fittings, both male and female threads were smeared with a sticky wax to prevent passage of air or moisture. When I switched to neoprene expansion plugs I replaced the steel carriage bolt and wing nut with stainless steel for long-term rust protection and added a neoprene fabric washer, a stainless steel washer, and a thick layer of silicone grease to keep moisture out of the inside of the expansion plug. (Plugs were designed to prevent leaks from the other direction so the plug's inside cavity was not protected.)

My Web site gives detailed instructions on how to secretly bury your tube.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I have thought of this for awhile now....

Can infrared or that ground radar they use see that you've buried something? If so,how can that be avoided? (can it?)

lead lined covered tarp?? or depth of hole?

Just wondering if you knew!!

They're not going to equip

They're not going to equip police with ground penetrating radar to search millions of square miles for one rifle.

If they want to get rid of you, they won't need an excuse of possessing an illegal weapon, they'll just get rid of you.

Radar is just radio waves

and anything that either absorbs them or bounces them away from the receiver or sensor has the same effect as a stealth aircraft surface. Two absorbing materials are ferrite and graphite. Reflecting materials would be any flat, shiny metal set at an angle that bounces the waves horizontally into the soil surrounding a buried object you want to remain hidden. The top edge must be knife-edge sharp to avoid creating a radar blip. I have made prototypes but they remain untested with a metal detector.

Infrared devices such as thermal image cameras might possibly be used to detect buried objects if they caused a speedier or lagging difference in soil temperature when the weather is getting colder or hotter. The deeper the object the less any such difference would be.

Conceivably sonar could also be used to detect differences in material density resulting from a buried object. However, as with infrared, the deeper the burial the smaller the detection potential

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when you understand it is the same as fire, you will know what to do.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks for your suggestions. You guys were awesome.


is what the guys below are referring to

Make sure you seal the ends of your PVC tube and use teflon tape on the threads for the cap.

Some ideas.

You can use an airtight container.
Coat the weapon in some reliable form of coating such as oil or grease that is intended for such a purpose.
Dessicants are good to help keep the moisture off.
Oxygen absorber packs like are used in long term food storage keeps the oxygen lower in the container.
Keeping the moisture off, and keeping the oxygen low, will really help well.
Keeping it temperature controlled to eliminate the propensity for any moisture condensing on the metal might also help.

A good product for oiling the gun for long term storage is called "Du-Lite's Kwik-Seal". Used by gun manufacturers to keep their guns from rusting while awaiting sales. It is good for a year to 18 months of storage, and perhaps longer if the atmosphere is controlled like I described previously.

The military uses

"cosmoline." (Probably spelled wrong).

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If you are intending to bury them or something, my first question is why the hell would anyone bury a gun so they can't get to them if needed, but I digress.

Dry is desirable, but even with desiccant, there is no guarantee of 0% humidity the entire time. They DO eventually stop working and have to be dried out like a sponge. They last a while, but they fail to wick moisture over extended periods.

For 1-6 months storage, you can use acid-free plastic wrap or mylar bags and a light gun oil on the metallic parts, and keep it in a cool dry place. The light oil is to help create a barrier in case the temperature fluctuates and causes the gun to 'sweat.'

For a year or more, best to use cosmoline or lithium grease on the metal, wrap it up, and put it in secure storage- pick a flavor. You also need to run some through the barrel to protect the rifling. Pitted rifling means one of 2 things: New barrel or re-boring, neither of which is cheap.

With wooden stocks, too dry an environment will lead to cracks and you'll have to send the thing to someone like me to repair. Wood is like a cigar, it needs a certain amount of RH and natural oils in it. Too little, and it cracks; too much and you get dry rot from the resulting fungus.

Neither of these is guaranteed not to happen without a fully controlled environment, so play it safe and use a grease. Brake cleaner or degreaser will rinse it off when you are ready.

For wood stocks, you might want to look into microchrystalline wax. I use it when I restore and preserve some antique firearms. It prevents UV damage, seals the wood against the elements, chemical resistant and makes even sensitive pieces safe to touch with bare hands. It also buffs out into a high luster if you have the skill.

Use it on metal at your discretion though. If you want the gun re-blued later, the Polyethylene properties in the wax are a bitch to get off without special treatment in a smithing studio.

Why bury?

You don't want to bury your gun, you want to bury one of your guns. Unless you really want your gun to be plucked from your "cold, dead hands," be prepared to surrender your house weapons to authorities if they've got the drop on you. After that you will know that life will not return to normal, the authorities are the enemy, and you will need to retrieve your buried gun (and lots of ammo) and join the resistance.

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A sailboat, a spare passport,

A sailboat, a spare passport, and some gold and silver coins would probably be handier.

The schlemiels didn't stop the milk from spilling, why should I stick around and be the schlimazl who cleans it up?