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WH wants to make copywrite errors of streaming media a federal criminal off

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scumbags are trying to turn media into an export and get other countries on board with our Orwellian laws since digital trash is all that we export anymore. This is just part of the larger picture of gaining control of the means of distribution of content to install another fiat monopoly of something.

I will again assert as I always do that electronic media is in nearly infinite supply once released to the public and any attempt to control this supply is artificial and can only be enforced ultimately by the barrel of a gun to your head known as government.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,


They're continuing to turn those screws.

What easier way

to put Ron Paul fans or other threats to the outrageously large federal government on terrorist watch lists. It already happens without this incredibly convenient backdoor to our lives.

I agree