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Awesome Site on Food Storage & Preservation Techniques

Hey all! I found a site packed with information on all food storage and preservation techniques at


An absolute wealth of important and usable information. Save this link.

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There's a gardening and

There's a gardening and homesteading sub-forum. I read it everyday.

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I didn't see that. Do you have the link by chance?



HI. Uh....are you guys gardening? How about barn dancing?

OK so we heard, lots of you are doing things to get prepared. That's good. We're hearing more from people who are actually making and selling their own preparedness products. And also getting to know people behind some of the preparedness websites and that's been really interesting. We had no idea there's like TONS of Christians doing prepping. So what seemed like a small world keeps getting bigger.

With all the people of all these different traditions getting the idea that the right place to be is in the mountains, well, we're already getting new neighbors and things could become quite lively. There's gonna be some rubbing of elbows. One nice thing to envision is barn dances. It is kind of inevitable our young people will become attracted to and start to spend time together. So we're gonna have hippies and indians and patriot conservatives more or less hopefully getting along.

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By the way nice job with the dancing at the Jefferson Memorial. You can't imagine how meaningful it is to us to see the people dancing as one in a circle. Can't say it loud enough. Stuff like that is really, really good for you, good for your mind and spirit and your body. And it's really really good medicine for the nation. For better or worse, DC is the CENTER. By dancing at the center, you send out...vibrations or whatever you guys call it to the whole 4-Directions. So this has a harmonizing and balancing effect.

Kinda ironic as you guys are getting accused of everything from hate to racism to being outright nazis. Some of us Joes are about as far from politics as it gets but if you got so many people hating on you, you must be doing something right eh?

Know what's really fun about you guys? With all the previous movements it was always about walking away. You guys are walking towards. It's this sense of optimism and vitality and creativity. Personally I think that's gonna be your saving grace. You are a youth-directed movement and you are right on time according to our clock. Howdy. Nice to see you again. Hey 2012 began in 1987. Think there are a lot of you now? Just wait, you aren't gonna freaking believe it. You are something we have seen. To us you are old but to you and the world, it's all new. And that's where the magic is happening. Right with you in the present. That's one of the many miracles we've learned to see. You are unburdened by our past. In a sense you are the freest humans the world has seen in a long time.

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Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Love this post.

and thank you for your food storage site, it is very helpful.

Good stuff


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Well hi there howdy!

Hello! I'm the author of that page, or really more just the writer. It's kind of neat to find our link on this forum. We're very pleased.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Welcome the more the merrier.

Bookmarked for further study.

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Yes, this is good.

And its links.

Jefferson started

this off-grid thread a while back. It also has some good meat preservation and food storage info.


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Thank you for this link!!

I think I missed it at the time.


You are