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Ron Paul for President 2012 Campaign Commercial

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De criminalize Liberty!

The sign at the end popping

The sign at the end popping up is hilarious.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I love this Ad....Ron Paul

I love this Ad....Ron Paul for PRez 2012

Which one do you like the best?

I'm trying to decide which one would work best on TV. It's a tough call between the above video and:

IDEAS * Ron Paul for President 2012

Better Off? Ron Paul for President 2012

Ron Paul For President

Nobody has an ad like this! It might have great success at reaching people. Usually people tune out the TV and it's ads, but one of these would be irresistible for anyone to watch, all ages.

I would suggest changing the above video to "Democratic politicians", and "Republican politicians," instead of left vs right.

I think I like the Better off

I think I like the Better off one best but the last one is very good too!! :)

I'm leaning towards the IDEAS vid since it is the most positive.

But the Better off one is a close second, and the above black and white 2012 video could be greatly improved by changing some of the terms used, especially regarding the left and right, so that people didn't feel attacked themselves.

Be Better In Color

I hate the use of "liberty". Should use "freedom" in it's place.

Has it grown on you yet?

It's not, "Life, Freedom, and the pursuit of Happiness."

But, "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

The black and white fits the theme, it's like an old TV commercial.

It's a good overall idea.

You are obviously talented. I am always amazed by the talented individuals that make up RP's support base.

I think there were some excellent points made in the comments below.

You seem to be open to constructive criticism, which is great.
The combination of your talents and some of the ideas expressed below, could make an absolute home run of a creative commercial.
This combination, is the essence of the effectiveness of the grassroots.
Some inspirational material from the movie "Crazy People":


I liked it a lot.
i think Ron Pauls name should be used at the beginning to let voters know who they are about to hear from.

Retro commercials would grip america, all ages.

Paul has to approve and his voice should be at the beginning.

He could say at the beginning
"I dont want to run your lives, i dont know how to, this is Ron Paul and I absolutely approve this message!". cue commercial
At the end, Rand could say "I'm Dr. Rand Paul and I too, approve of these messages!"

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Most excellent!

I especially liked that line; "His supporters are intelligent, passionate and diverse."

Couldn't have said it better.

It utterly amazes me how every media outlet is ignoring Ron Paul when they name all the potential republican candidates.

The idiot Trump gets more press. They even still mention Guiliani.

The beat goes on.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


I still envision Julieannies stupid look he gave during the debate about the "excuse" he claimed Ron made up against war with Afghanistan!lol
Ron finished that tough question from Chris Wallace about marching orders from alqueda or something and Girlieannie look up from his notes
"excusth meeeth, Ivth heard someth pthretty redicuthus rethons
forth 9/11 but thith has to be the-th most incredible---th!lol

he ate his words that night and his campaign ENDED instantly with that stupid look and stupid reasoning.
Many of them have felt the stinging spank from Dr. Paul.. You never hear of them, but just ask rove, bush, delay and the other neocons from/ties to district 22 how many times they have been spanked by ron!
They know what ron is capable of and they are all out in full force.
our media is full of hawks.. even the so called moderators and journalists are hawks.
hawks asking hawks questions about war!lol
only in america!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

The Diverse Manifestations of Freedom

As the video says "his supporters are diverse"--this means that we need POWERFUL, innovating and diverse ads of all kind. This video is one truly great example of diversity of "the movement of epic proportions". It will work for many people and for others it doesn't.

I think this is one of the best Ron Paul clips without RP speaking himself, but I also understand why some are complaining about it. If all RP ads would be like this it would horrible, because that wouldn't show the true variation of liberty minded people: the idea that freedom brings diverse people together. Freedom has nothing to do with Left or Right, but it is the fundamental condition of possibility to make a choice between Left and Right or not to make that choice and choose something completely different. The basic thing is as Sartre said "human being is FREEDOM" and all the choices come possible from it.

One principle to follow in making ads: in all of them should breathe the air of powerful message, innovation and diversity. Rand Paul's campaign ads "Machine" and "Stamp of Approval" were great examples of this principle. John Dennis' all ads were great examples of this principle.

The 2012 ads should show in many possible diverse ways that it is not about Left or Right, but FREEDOM to be Left or Right or whatever else one chooses. Ron Paul's message is that air of freedom between different people. From 2008 ads only "High Tide" was a powerful and innovative manifestation of RP's message. All others were really lame.

As I already said in my previous comment: I love this Ad!

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Debbie's picture

Pretty cute - retro 1940's style.

I wouldn't want to put a bunch of money on TV ads without testing it out on the general public first though.



AMAZING. Clever and offers an olive branch to the left.

Yes! We need more of this!

Calling on talented people everywhere!

Nice Red Sox reference.

Nice Red Sox reference.

my diy adventure blog: dickdoesit.blogpsot.com

Ron Paul President 2012

Pretty amazing. Almost nostalgic. Leaves an impression. Would definitely peak interest if seen on TV. Love the concept. People are making great comments and suggestions below to consider, but all in all I like it. Thanks Joe.

Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit

Download link correction

(60MB takes a while to download. Lots of high quality photos.)

Feeling Fear? You're living in the future.
Feeling Depressed? You're living in the past.
Who would you be without your story? —Byron Katie

When the desire to bring about a change in you is not there,
the demand to change the world is not there eit

Great Video

Whoever made this is really talented Thank you for sending it along.

"What I want most from the government is to be left alone." GWT


Yes yes yes yes yes!!!

I LOVED this video. It is seriously the best Ron Paul video I have seen in which Ron Paul himself isn't talking.

Thank you to whoever made it. Practically every line made me laugh. I can't compliment the video enough.

Keep up the good work!

Yet he continues on with his

Yet he continues on with his message of "following the Constitution." hahahaha that is the best line. I laugh every time.

What corporate agenda?

For example, what corporate agenda does Fox have that would cause them to ignore Ron Paul?

I don't want vague accusations and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. I'd like to see clear evidence to how investors in NewsCorp's stock make more money by Fox ignoring Ron Paul. Anyone?

My favorite people in the world: Ron Paul, Glenn Beck, Peter Schiff, Judge Napolitano, Milton Friedman, Bob Barr, and John Stossel

The military war contractors are the big players

That is actually the number one issue, but it will never get mentioned because they do not want attention drawn to all the money they are getting with the endless wars and our expensive foreign policies.

Also, how are Dennis Kucinich and Lew Rockwell the worst people in the world? While they are not perfect, I can think of at least 50 who are a lot worse.

Corporations bailed out by Fed, supply media with millions.

You do realize that not just banks, but even companies from McDonalds to Harley Davidson, which receive bailouts from the Fed and benefit from the Fed, supply the media with hundreds of millions of dollars every year for advertising?

In addition to that, the government itself supplies the media with millions of dollars of advertising directly, from military recruitment ads to public announcements.

Media bias is conspiracy fact.

actually they'd make more

actually they'd make more money by following him. people love this dude and his message. if fox news is where you can go for your daily fix of ron paul they'll make boatloads of dough and their ratings will soar!

OK here's my crazy idea of a

OK here's my crazy idea of a commercial, and if and when I get back home to my workstation and a copy of synfig, I'll see if I can make it happen:

a bunch of little stick figures keep running back and forth between an elephant and a donkey. the elephant picks them all up with his trunk, flips them over and bangs their heads off the ground (think roadrunner and wile e. coyote), and the donkey keeps kicking them. so you hear a voice (that sounds like the cadbury eggs guy) that says "the definition of stupid is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time," as the elephant and donkey just keep beating the crap out of the little gang of stick figures as they run back and forth between them for repeated abuse.

then you zoom out, and see "Ron Paul.. the smart choice!"

(me takes a bow, dodges a tomato)

btw, by no means am i invoking any intellectual property on this, so if someone else can do it, that'd be cool.

Sorry, as much as I wanted to like this...

... I can't.

It shows a lot of creativity and it all is true.

But I have a disturbing ability to channel the rank and file GOP, and I think it would be far better to emphasize the "common ground" that he SHARES with THEM.

Why do you think Ron just went on a tour of Iowa with the family value/ social conservatives?

As entertainment at a libertarian pep rally it works; as a campaign video, not so much.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Love it!!!!

I like everything about it, great work, regards krankitup

Leslie Neilson

Is it just me or does Ron's caricature resemble the late actor, Leslie Nielson?
Anyway, good job and unique. Folks'll remember this.
Please make some more.