Ron Paul Exposes the Fraud of the Federal Reserve

Note - the below commentary went with a different video, which has since been removed from Google. Above is the five minute excerpt.

This is the full video of the House Finance Committee on 2-17-2007. It runs over an hour. If you want to watch it, Barney Frank starts the hearing at around 3:50. Ron Paul appears at around 19:00 with a scathing indictment of the Federal Reserve and Ben Bernanke responds (by completely ignoring Dr. Paul's comments) at around 24:00.

You can see Dr. Paul's scathing introduction here, which runs about five minutes if you're pressed for time. The above video is long, and I'll admit, quite boring. However, it is instructive to remember what Dr. Paul deals with day in and day out with his job. If you watch this, Ben Bernanke will bore you to sleep. This, I think is part of the strategy of the powers that be. I think few really understand the issues. Barney Frank, in my opinion, is quite clearly clueless. I got the distinct feeling that the only ones who really understand the issues at stake are Dr. Paul and Ben Bernanke. Bernanke is trying to hide the truth, while Dr. Paul is trying to expose it.

I urge you to watch and listen to Dr. Paul's introduction, and really try to understand what he is saying. A bright future for America depends on it.

Also, to help understand the issues at stake, please take the time to view the videos in the "Essential Videos" section. You can download them and watch/listen to them at your leisure and easily pass the information along tto friends, family and colleagues.

Best regards,
Michael Nystrom