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lol @ republic for the united States of America

does anyone remember Anisha? What about Tim Turner and Restore(d) America?

I guess all the money for the National ID cards they were selling got stolen, along with the equipment...

Shocking, I know. Nobody could have seen that one coming

Well anyway, I just saw this press release from the "chief of security" about the investigation into the stolen money, personal information and equipment. I'm certain all the victims will be comforted to know the following

"The investigation is ongoing; and in due season, when the Republic is secured to the extent that it will not jeopardize our victory and our very lives and liberties, the matter can be more fully disclosed and discussed and the perpetrators pursued and prosecuted. However, now is not appropriate. Allow the people that you have placed in their respective positions/offices to do their jobs in wisdom; and help us minimize damage to our cause."

In other words, FOAD

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