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Colorado elects a new GOP State Chairman in a few days

Let's start with some history. The current State Chairman, Dick Wadhams, on 1/18, announced he would run again: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/01/18/wadhams-to-se... At the time, the only other announced candidate who is still currently in the race was Bart Baron, a Michigan transplant who no one seems to know anything about.

State Senator Ted Harvey, who realized the Colorado leadership needs to head into a different direction, threw his hat into the ring on 1/31: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/01/31/ted-harvey-to...

Dick Wadhams abruptly withdrew his candidacy on 2/7: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/02/07/dick-wadhams-... saying "I’m tired of the nuts who have no grasp of what the state party’s role is." It's likely he knew Ted Harvey is a viable enough candidate to beat him and wanted to save face.

Dick Wadhams' withdrawal opened the race up to two more candidates who would not have run had Wadhams stayed in the race. Former Denver County Chair and GOP legal advisor Ryan Call announced on 2/8: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/02/08/ryan-call-ent... and current State Vice Chair Leondray Gholston announced on 2/14: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/02/14/leondray-ghol...

Finally, Matt Arnold of "Clear the Bench Colorado" fame announced on 2/24: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/02/24/arnold-enters...

Dick Wadhams, who wants Ryan Call to win, issued this childish diatribe against Ted Harvey and Matt Arnold on 3/10: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/2011/03/10/wadhams-rips-...

And here we are. The state reorganizational meeting is on March 26th, and there are only 300 votes, because of a troubled state governor's race last year which resulted in an unusually low number of bonus members: http://www.craigsteiner.us/comments/306

Ted Harvey and Ryan Call are the frontrunners: http://blogs.denverpost.com/thespot/tag/ryan-call/ From a Ron Paul supporter standpoint, Ted Harvey is by far the superior candidate of the two.

If you live in Colorado, it's not too late to visit your county GOP website, determine who the voting members of your county are and call or e-mail to ask them to vote for the candidate of your choice. If you have questions, please, let's discuss it here.

Note to Saxxman: sorry to steal your idea for a thread, but I think this issue deserves a bit more attention before the new chairman gets elected.

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It was over

in the first round of voting. The winning candidate needed 138 votes. Ryan Call got 166. Ted Harvey got 77.


I saw it a couple of hours ago posted in the Denver Post. I guess we'll have more conventions with men in black wearing headsets because the people might be dangerous. Oh, and we'll have more "No Free Speech Zones" too. sigh.

The problem is

since Dick Wadhams was an outright bully, at least you knew where you stood with him. Ryan Call is the master of smiling in your face while he's twisting the knife in your back. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

yep, yep

Totally agree.

I'm off

to watch the voting. I'll report back later.

Washington State just got a new chair.

Kirby Wilbur is the new Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party. At the 2008 WSRP convention, we voted out, Luke Esser I think, as the convention chairman and voted in Kirby. He's not a Ron Paul guy, but he was certainly fair and open to us. He seems welcoming towards us and Tea Partiers. I'm hoping this is a good sign for Washington.

Good Luck Colorado :)


I'm glad Washington got a fair and open chair. We in Colorado didn't, and need to keep working on it.

off topic comment

can we please get a ballot initiative going to get rid of the red light scameras?

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I would collect signatures

I would collect signatures for this effort.

I will be

attending the 4th Annual Centennial Dinner tomorrow (Friday) night, and plan to circulate among some of the voting members. I hope I can do some good. Wish me luck!

Back from

the 4th Annual Centennial Dinner. Ryan Call has way too much support. Ron Paul got nine votes in the presidential straw poll they held, which was a lot more than I expected from this crowd! Mitt Romney won with 76 votes, bleh.

Did Ron Paul get any votes 4

Did Ron Paul get any votes 4 years ago? I suspect we are making progress.

I have no idea

I didn't attend the 1st Annual Centennial Dinner. They may not have even held a presidential straw poll for that one.


I just saw this posted. I hope it is NOT Ryan Call. He's a cutie, but he is not a good person. He will be very angry if he doesn't win. He's been looking for this moment for a long time, and I think he has his sights set on even higher ambitions if he is allowed. Poor man. He loves power more than people.

He's a cutie?

I see nothing attractive about Ryan Call. He is incapable of generating any inner beauty. But, I appreciate your post.


I think the rest of my post agrees with what you just said. Thanks.

Broomfield County Chair

Broomfield County Chair emailed.

Arapahoe County Chair

emailed, too. Last I spoke to her, she was completely undecided, so I hope she makes the correct decision.
Thanks for putting in the effort, Adam!

She's still

completely undecided, and more focused on county chair work than the state chair's race. I suppose that's not a bad thing.

Ryan will get the chair.

Ryan will get the chair. Regardless of what we all think, say or do. Ryan is 'their' man.

You may be right, Adam

Dick Wadhams is currently still chair, and I wouldn't put anything past him, including fixing the vote.

Here's hoping

we aren't going to have to deal with a chairman Call sometime down the line.

Thanks Ruth

Wadhams was horrible. Ryan Call won't be any different. Those two got into politics for all the wrong reasons -- they have no principled understanding of issues.

I agree

Thanks for posting.

Here I am

talking to myself. Doesn't anyone else have anything to say?

Summit county GOP votes

Summit county GOP votes went to Call. Debrah Irvine and Mark Hurlbert were gleeful when announcing how many votes they had to give to him.

I wonder

what Debra Irvine is going to be saying when she needs answers from the state GOP and can't get them because the state chairman is AWOL.



Hi Ruth. Thank you for

Hi Ruth.
Thank you for this. It is VERY important we get the right man/woman for this Job. Wadhams is the biggest douche to walk the face of the earth. Watching how he handles the 2008 Republican party state convention made me sick. Who is your favorite?
Ted Harvey is a good man. also I see the clear the bench guy there.. any word on him.. I ALWAYS VOTE OUT EVERY JUDGE..