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Florida Court System Facing $72.3 Million Deficit Due to Shortfall in Foreclosure Filing Fees

Maybe if the courts sanctioned the Foreclosure Mills and their clients for causing this mess they wouldn’t be broke…

Guess they rather charge the tax payers for the chaos these law firms caused instead…
Florida court system facing $72.3 million deficit

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Florida’s court system has frozen hiring and is bracing for possible staff furloughs due to a $72.3 million deficit blamed on a shortfall in filing fees after mortgage foreclosure cases dramatically declined.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Canady last week wrote letters released Monday to Gov. Rick Scott and legislative budget leaders asking for a $21.7 million supplemental appropriation and $42.5 million in budget transfers to make sure vital functions continue through June 30, when the fiscal year ends.

“To meet the current funding crisis, the judicial branch has already implemented an emergency branch-wide hiring freeze and an emergency operating budget freeze,” Canady wrote.


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Florida Courts brace for furloughs and shutdowns


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Well, If Marco Rubio hadn't spent $50 million on this:


This is a pic of our brand spanking new courthouse here in Tallahassee. Built for a king, with granite counter tops, marble floors, etc., it should be called a palace instead of a courthouse.

Don't know what was wrong with the old one, which wasn't really old.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

U.S. "courts" Biggest Business on Earth

Good news at last! What few people know is that the so called "courts" operated by U.S. Government Corporation bring in more revenue than the top ten global corporations COMBINED.
It is the beast which must be slain.
Since 1933 when all crimes were made commercial the U.S. Government charges your social security trust for the imaginary crime they accuse you of. Murder is a one million dollar charge, an f-5 felony is 5,000. This adds up quick. Some counties revenue is a billion dollars a year "off the public books". This funding is then hidden in the CAFR fund, www.CAFR1.com.
The U.S. Government is highly overfunded by the revenue court system. It is not funded by the taxes, that is just a smokescreen for where they are sucking the life out of the economy, the courts.
For example if they charge your SS trust with three "charges" the prisoner bonds are two million each, three to a charge or 18 million DOLLARS! At four percent those would earn 2.160 million DOLLARS in just 36 months. These bonds are bundled together and sold as mortgage backed securities or mutual funds. Just search U.S. Prison population chart and National Debt chart. Put the two side by side and you will see how U.S. Government expansion has been funded especially since 1980. Imagine how many prisoners they need now? All 309 million U.S. citizens? TSA are the expanded prison guards.
The Oracle

DP'er 'scdecade' suffering from lack of lottery win

I personally am out $100 million at least from not winning the lottery. If I could just win the lottery 4 or 5 times I'd have $100 million or more. Therefore, I'm suffering from a $100 million deficit. This should make perfect sense to the simple minded government parasites who owe their existence to government mediocrity and violence.