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N.C. Legislator says the State needs its Own Currency

BTW--Rep. Bradley is GunnyFreedom from Ron Paul Forums and Drudge carried this piece. A Libertarian Blogger getting elected to the State House? How's that for real change?


RALEIGH -- Cautioning that the federal dollars in your wallet could soon be little more than green paper backed by broken promises, state Rep. Glen Bradley wants North Carolina to issue its own legal tender backed by silver and gold.

The Republican from Youngsville has introduced a bill that would establish a legislative commission to study his plan for a state currency. He is also drafting a second bill that would require state government to accept gold and silver coins as payment for taxes and fees.

If the state treasurer starts accepting precious metals as payment, Bradley said that could prod the private sector to follow suit - potentially allowing residents to trade gold for groceries.

Read more: http://www.newsobserver.com/2011/03/17/1059132/legislator-sa...

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Bradley is causing quite a

Bradley is causing quite a stir in the Legislature. Rep. Bradley has several bills that are getting caught in the REP. controlled committees...mostly nullification efforts. Several of them. Newly elected reps are supportive and helpful, but the establishment leaders are plugging things up. Well, word trickled down and when the County Conventions began the uprising took on a fevered pitch. Except that it wasn't really an uprising. The masses joined in without hardly any debate in my county. We passed a Sovereignty Resolution (two years ago called 'radical'), a resolution in support of nullifying the FDA takeover over farming and gardening, and an Audit the Fed Resolution! That was Pitt county. Carteret Co. followed suit, with reports of some older Republicans there moved to near tears saying "I've never been more proud to be a Republican in my life." No joke.

Then in Cumberland County an entire slate of candidates from tea and liberty beat the establishment slate...and all across the state more liberty folks made it on the executive committee. In Mecklenburg County, they called out their own Reps. for not Co sponsoring Bradley's bills.

It's huge folks. I've told you to watch NC this year. I mean it.

Arrest this terrorist now !!!!!

How dare he say he wants to help his people !!!!! The Federal Reserve has this in control. The people will roll up there sleeves, shoot themselves up with cancer vaccines, inhale the delicious Chem trails, sit with there faces two inches from the TV screen watching the media they are suppose to watch, drink some Aspartame, eat some MSG, take some big Pharma pills, drink and bathe in poison water and enjoy being the zombie the New World Order commands them to be !!!!!! Agenda 21 is good for the land of the fee and home of the slave. This legislator must be taken to a torture center right away and corrected. Hyperinflation is good for the people. Plus anyway we've set up camp FEMA just in case we need to take care of the sheeple. The useless eaters will be taken care of, don't you worry there Mr. NC legislator, so but out of our master plan.