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Four Thousand More Pictures of GIs Posing with Dead Afghans

The photographs were published yesterday by Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine and were among 4,000 it has obtained... It is feared that these pictures - which show the aftermath of the murders at the hands of a rogue U.S. Stryker 'kill team' - could be even more damaging as the trials of the 12 accused men are currently under way in Seattle.


The images published by Der Spiegel were part of a broader pool of photos and video taken by soldiers. They included a videotaped scene of another soldier, Spc. Corey Moore, stabbing the corpse of a dead Taliban fighter. Such images also may have reached soldiers of the 5th Brigade (Stryker), 2nd Infantry Division. Der Spiegel reports obtaining some 4,000 images, but has not disclosed the source.


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what can I say?

these soldiers were taking the pictures for democracy to make us safe to spread freedom and educate the local population about liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

sarcasm --

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Soldiers Should not be Held Accountable

These young 20 something soldiers were trained and are paid to Kill. Why do we act as if there is some humane and nice way to Kill. If we are going to put anyone on trial here it should be their commanding officers and the very people that authorized the war in the first place. Congress the President and the commanding officers of these men should be on trial.


I Almost Agree

We're the ones who failed. The soldiers went out uneducated.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

We need not farm anymore its obsolete.

Time to turn the civilian corpses we murder into Wendy's meals. Change the name to Big Brother Burger. Hello welcome to Big Brother Burger, here to take your new world order. We got tazer tacos, cream of chemtrail, dictator tots, oppressively hot wings, ect. All our food has organically industrialized militarized flavor. www.takeourworldback.com

The only needed convicting evidence of barbarity is...

...the photo.

The fact that you lift up a dead man's head and smile proudly, like you're grabbing the antlers of a deer you shot while your hunting partner takes a photo, is a sign of utter depravity.

And the fact that you're stupid enough to have such a photo taken shows how "government" believes it is so above the law.

Why else do this? You (as the gov't agent) believe you're above the law, and / or your sense of decency has been long since lost as you've descended into the depths of human degeneration.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

trophy pictures!

I remember when my twin brother killed his first buck, with a bow and arrow, at 16 years old. A local woman wrote to the editor and compared him to a Mei Lay soldier. (Vietnam era) We ate the meat. We also hunted all of our lives. I, still, would find it very difficult to take another human's life.

To display a human being in the same way, as a trophy buck, is utterly disgusting and shows a strange degenerate mindset developing in our country. Is this going to go on without an outrage brought up by the people of our country?

Is it OK to take pictures like this? Are these the same service men coming back to work on our local and state police forces? It scares me to death. In fact, it sends chills up my spine and fills my heart with terror!

In WWI the biggest "problem" was getting soldiers to kill

Now it's getting them to not eat the dead. TV culture.

Killing for Corp. USA

Iraq was a lie. www.takeourworldback.com Dr. Alan Sabrowsky, former head of the War College, lays out a solid case that Israel was highly involved in 9/11. We have been duped. There was a plot to destroy America. It was get us involved in continuous warfare by way of lies and false flags. Then let Wall st. destroy our housing market which would in turn give an excuse to enslave us with debt and destroy our currency. Now the Zionist media will give us one depressing fact after another as the turd that was once the mighty USA circles the toilet bowl on its way down the hole. Welcome to the United Banana Socialist Neo Fascist PoP consumer Union. Get these kids home now !