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Marching to War Requires Two Feet

An insightful piece from malkusm at Ron Paul Forums. I especially like the part about "humanitarian" wars since my liberal friends post on Facebook that they support the bombing of Libya as it is being done for "humanitarian" purposes.

by Matthew Malkus

America has become a nation marching to war in lockstep, left foot following right foot towards the all-too-certain future that has already befallen the body’s other half. Crushing electoral defeats serve as little deterrant in a political system where the pendulum swings comfortably on the same axis, the defeat coming at the hands of the opposite extreme which just as aggressively pursues the same noble goals via the same dead ends with the same overdrawn credit card.

What are the American people to care if its government’s missile strikes land in the bedroom of a young boy who was guilty only of being born in the wrong nation, to the wrong family, at the wrong time? That missile was far enough away from the American’s suburban home to leave an impression in his more sophisticated brain – you know, the one with the attention span that lasts longer than 10 seconds only when celebrity gossip or local rumors or evening sitcoms are on the agenda. The same brain that can comprehend the suffering of an upper-middle income child who needs more government grant money to get that Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, so they can go to Washington, DC and feel self-important, lobbying a tiny cell of the organism that is the American war machine.

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this is a beautifully written essay,






Nice job Matt

I always liked your stuff at Liberty Forest

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link not working for me. 'Content unavailable' ...


Hey all, thanks. I have the article in a few places but feel free to keep the full version here as well.



Feel free to comment and share.

I just updated it should work

I just updated it should work now

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I think you have to be his friend to read it

This is what it gives me:

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Any other source? Is it on the RPF?

Okay--I just posted the whole

Okay--I just posted the whole piece from FB. Sorry about that

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Thanks Bobby.