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Students for Ron Paul Competition

(I am posting this announcement that I received from Jeff Frazee, National Youth Coordinator for Ron Paul 2008. I wish I was a student! And, if any student needs any photos to use, you are more than welcome, and have my permission to use any of my photos located on my ronpaul2008nyc flickr page. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ronpaul2008nyc/
Good luck and I can’t wait to see how creative you folks are! - Kevin in NYC)

August 25, 2007

Introducing the first Students for Ron Paul competition. This contest tests your creativity, imagination, and design abilities. It will determine who can think outside of the box and develop fresh ways to cause students to react, mobilize, and vote for Ron Paul.

What issues get you fired up? The $9 trillion debt? Your friends dying overseas? A social security system you want out of? Banned medical procedures that save lives? Your taxes? A looming draft? Your civil rights under attack? Selling our country to China?

Your mission, if you so choose, is to create the best Students for Ron Paul flyer, slimjim, sticker, and/or promotional item. Create as many designs as you like. All ages can participate. The guidelines are simple: be creative, make an impact, and gear your design towards students.

Submit your designs to: jeff.frazee@ronpaul2008.com

The campaign staff will review all submissions and choose 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. A winner will be chosen Monday, September 3rd. 1st place will receive a congratulatory phone call from the man himself, Ron Paul, and a signed copy of “A Foreign Policy of Freedom”, a Students for Ron Paul t-shirt, and a bumper sticker. 2nd place will receive a signed photograph by Ron Paul, a Students for Ron Paul t-shirt, and a bumper sticker. And 3rd place will receive a Students for Ron Paul t-shirt, a bumper sticker, and a pat on the back (from someone in your area).

To get you started here is a link to the official Students for Ron Paul logo, although it is not required to be incorporated in your design.

Photos can be found by searching “Ron Paul” on Flickr.com. Be sure to ask permission from the photographer before using a photo.

Ron Paul quotes are very effective to incorporate in your message. Also, here are some key student issues. Feel free to focus your design on a specific issue.

National debt
Social Security
Civil Liberties
Drug war

All designs will be judged on:
1) Effectiveness
2) Creativity
3) Gets the message across
4) Relates to students
5) Does it look good in black and white as well

Best of Luck!

Jeff Frazee
National Youth Coordinator - Ron Paul 2008

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