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Am I the only one that just realized today that the back of our penny is a sheild now?

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The Shield is to Cover Up The Fact....

that the PENNY is now filled with nanobobotubes, well, air basically. Look at the bright side, the copper plated nanobobotubes are still worth as much as the FRN DOLLAR!

Oh my bad, that valuation was from my visit to next week, news flash this week should read "half as much as the FRN DOLLAR". Please disregard my slip into future think.

Everything is Ok! Don't worry be happy!

The Oracle (time traveller)


Looks like a penny Hitler would like.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Dates and Fates?

I think it might also have something to do with dates. The Lincoln penny's first minting was 1909. It had the wheat on it's back 1909-1958 (for 50 years). Then the memorial on back 1959-2008 (for 50 years). In 2009 (in celebration of 200th aniversary of Lincoln's birthday) the coin had 4 different reverse designs, finally settling on this shield design, which supposedly repesents the "Union Shield".

Personally, I don't think the penny's gonna last much longer as a functional unit of currency. Could "The Union" be doomed as well?

probably not

Most folk are well behind the curve compared to we ardent numismaniacs. It was changed to commemorate Lincoln's bicentenary. The shield represents, I think, the most loathsome and homely unionist iconography.

It may well all be moot before long, unless the super-entrenched penny lobby digs in its heels all the harder. There is no longer, nor has there been for some time now, any market rationale for the existence of such a minuscule circulating denomination.

Now "Wheatback" certificates (only from The Confederate Mint!), on the other hand, are bearer contracts entitling the holder to a one one-hundredth share of a silver dollar (22.5 grams net wt Ag).

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I think it is to lower cost.

Simpler design, so die maintenance lower.

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