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Tom Woods at Campbell University - Private YouTube Video?

I ran across the following when searching for Tom Woods media:


I was extremely disappointed to discover that the linked videos were private. The news post was submitted by a username "legalizeliberty," so I wonder if this person can comment on why Tom Wood's lecture is private and/or who to contact to make the videos watchable.

Thank you.

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I doubt LL will be able to

I doubt LL will be able to tell you why the youtube uploader made those video links private, but i can offer you this:

an alternative link...

This was a good one! Actually, most of Tom's lectures are..

Heres a little interview right before the lecture. goes along with the other video..

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Yes, thank you, but perhaps

Yes, thank you, but perhaps someone knows who the YouTube uploader is.

Are the videos private to everyone?

I've watched nearly all of Tom Woods' lectures/interviews, but I hadn't seen that second one you linked. Thanks!