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Reports of "Nuclear Power" are an exaggeration.

Dear Mr Presidents, --- cc: Leader-of-States
Subject: Reports of your "Nuclear Power" are exaggerations.
Reference: Images of the remains of Fukushima, Japan Nuclear Reactors. Graphic Images X-Reactors

  1. http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/470/overlayi.png
  2. http://img863.imageshack.us/img863/9109/reactorp.jpg

What precautions are necessary for Nuclear Disasters?

  • Nuclear arsenals are pointed at us.
  • How much fallout comes with each nuclear disaster?
  • Fallout continues to mount.
  • Tally & report how much more to prepare for... before it arrives.
  • Nuclear Half-Life stretches beyond man's own life.
  • "Harmless Nuclear Fallout?"
    • "Duck & Cover" drill?
    • Stay inside?
    • Turn off heating & cooling fans? Turn off HVAC?
    • "Precautionary measures beyond staying informed?”

Japan makes slow progress with nuclear reactors
Nuclear Reactor devastation BBC Film, broadcast March 12, 2011. Title and first minute Nuclear Reactors after 4 explosions. The reactor remains are shown. Emergency crews are shown at work.

BBC film then shows earthquake & tsunami damage... & grief.

Perhaps now that presidential rhetoric broadcasts for calmer, saner reaction to nuclear fallout, perhaps presidential entourages will lead by example.
Dear Mr Presidents, lead by good example & action:

  • Eliminate "Back Box" nuclear codes following presidents around our globe.
  • Consider "precautionary measures beyond staying informed.”
  • Your medical team carries iodine.
  • Stop advising against "preparation."
  • Medical supplies are stored by those that prepare.
  • Eliminate those pesky, rusting relics known as, "Nuclear Arsenal."
  • Strike out policy of, "Mutually Assured Destruction" (MAD; see: "MAD magazine" for details).
  • Stop loading & aiming nuclear weapons.
  • Stop hiding radioactive nuclear production, arsenals, & resultant toxic waste.
  • Reduce this "Nuclear Winter" to be indeed, "Harmless."

Reuters news? What they report is a Clear & Present Danger to their own relevancy.

“Irrelevant” or "very low" anonymous tips remain so, without mention.

Please, Mr Presidents, whoever you think you are, please lead by good example.

My sincerest regards to those living in Japan.

----------------------- POLITICAL ATTACHMENT -----------------------
------------- Atmospheric Test Ban, 1945 - 1987 Political Past ---------------
Atmospheric Test Ban 1945 - 1987. Summary of Political Nuclear Test Follies.
------------------------- Yucca Mountain Political Future -------------------------
Links to Yucca Mountain Political Future

  • Yucca Mountain Images
  • Eureka County, Nevada YuccaMountain.org
    This website contains the latest news, press coverage, documents, and special reports about the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada.
  • Eureka County, Nevada Yucca Mountain.
    January 12, 2011 — Appeals court to hear arguments in Yucca Mountain.
  • Department of Energy
    The US President has made clear that Yucca Mountain is not an option for waste storage. The Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future.

Yucca Mountain: Vacancy: Available for Immediate Occupancy.
Search DailyPaul for details.
-------------- Yucca Mountain Political Future De-Atachment --------------
------------------------- POLITICAL DE-TACHMENT -------------------------

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Beware! Some of your sites above are dropping malware!

After doing some perusing on some of the links above, ran into serious hack attempts through Firefox. The links are dropping malware which is phishing and redirecting to try for downloads and opening clicks!
Beware! YuccaMountain Images especially... some of the linked paths are HOT !

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I think that's localized to your computer. Y'might want to run some scans.

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Jon, thank you for your attention in reponse to this matter.

This concern is ever present with modern gadgets. When our toasters are connected to the internet, any day could be a bad toast day.

DailyPaul should have a better alert system. Even the New York times has a "Letter to the Editor" box. Yes, I know of "User 1" contact (with the Big Red Stop Sign).

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  • Content. Letter to the DailyPaul editor. First class.
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    • ...
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    • Contact owner.
  • Else, bulk mail.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


"I think nuclear is great; I think its the safest form of energy we have."
~ Ron Paul

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The man who controlled the self sustaining first nuclear test

New Scientist, 30 November 1972
Dr George L. Weil is short, dapper, articulate, and outspoken. About current American nuclear technology he says "today's nuclear power-plant projects are too many, too large, too soon, too inefficient; in short, they offer too little in exchange for too many risks." He is by no means alone in this opinion; yet, coming from him, it carries a curious pungency. For George Weil this week celebrates - if that is the word - a unique 30th anniversary. Thirty years ago, on 2 December, 1942, George Weil started up the world's first nuclear reactor.


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