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Citizenship test: Why Americans can't name the original 17 colonies

the cold war was fought to end global warming. yep, I am going to have fun with that one!

By Eoin O'Carroll, CSMonitor.com / March 22, 2011

The first US president, George Jefferson, once famously remarked that nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
Now, almost 450 years later, Mr. Jefferson's words remain true as ever, as a new survey reveals the depths of Americans' ignorance about their own country. Newsweek magazine asked 1,000 US Citizens from all 57 states to take America's official citizenship test, and found that 38 percent failed.


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I don't even get it. The

I don't even get it. The original colonies were 13, not 17, so who could name them?

the teachers are the problem.

the reason they are not teaching these subjects is that it is not a part of how their performance is evaluated.


Am I the only one who sees

Am I the only one who sees errors all over that article? I didn't think CS Monitor was a joke website.

yeah....what gives with this?

are we missing a critical piece of the joke? Is this supposed to be like Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen interviewing Obama or something? Are they hoping that people write in?

oh I just read the comments. Those CM readers are so smart and smug. :-) gotta love 'em.

here is the original article.

it was just too full of propaganda for me to post. I thought the other would be more fun.


ahhhh. Thanks.


Apparently "bloggers" don't have editors.

"Eoin O'Carroll is a blogger for The Christian Science Monitor."

"Weezy" was the First Lady

That was back when we were a kinder, gentler America.