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Lew Rockwell on Russia Today: Libya and the Military Industrial Complex

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One thing that he ought to

One thing that he ought to have added to his explanation about the real motivation of the war (and related to the oil) is that we are going in to protect the interests of oil businesses and other investors in that country.

The Emperor says Make it So!

Lew hits this one on the head-as usual. Well worth a look.

Hydroman knows where Libya is on a map!

I was stationed at Wheelus AFB from 1962 to 1964 during the rein of King Idris. It was a very friendly nation with people that worked hard and were kind to the American and British stationed there. A very hot climate but direct access to the beautiful area of the Mediterranean sea made it a tolerable assignment.
I fear for the people of Libya please pray for them.

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These Russia Today clips

are located in the US .... all these with the beautiful, intelligent female interviewers are in the US. (hence the use of the word, "we")

Russia Today US version .....

Lew - wonderful ... spot on!


Yes, they all work for Russia Today, which is dedicated to promoting the perspective of Russia... Just as "Voice of America" is dedicated to spewing propaganda for the US. Also, the beauty of the interviewer should be the last thing on your mind. That's the oldest Fox News trick in the book.



And how about a little

And how about a little history with the Soviet Union and their incursion into Afghanistan? Is that part of history off limits? Does not apply? Give me a break.

It's ALL propaganda because that's what people do.

Lew Speaks Truth...

about the killer state once again...clearly and concisely.

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Why is she saying "we"? She

Why is she saying "we"? She works for Russia Today. I find her sarcasm disingenuous and on par with the talking heads at Fox News. Hey, it's great to get a "Russian perspective" on the news, but everything that comes from RT must be viewed in context. They are there to tow their line.


RT has a lot of American journalists. Sometimes I am really impressed with some of the talent they find. They were sloppy in this clip to not mention that those early clips were from the daily show.

Probably because she is American citizen.

I also do not like the use of the term "we" when people refer to government's actions. Lucy Kafanov is an American citizen, and based in Washington D.C. She probably uses "we" for the same reason so many other Americans tend to use "we" when referring to US government action, even if she works for RT America. Newscorp "Fox" was an Australian corporation that migrated into the US markets by systematically acquiring US media assets, but its correspondents continuously use "we" as well when referring to US government action.

Still, I likewise prefer people use the term "they" when referring to US government action. I hear people frequently say "we" are occupying Iraq, or "we" are bombing Libya, etc. When actually it is "they" the political elite that are doing such, not "we." I prefer referring to them as "they" to distinguish their actions from us. They are bombing Libya. They are occupying Iraq/Afghanistan. It was not "we" who created the TARP funds and bailouts, and so many other of the shenanigans that the political elite cram down on us. It is "they," and all the better not to associate their actions to us.

Without knowing her personal beliefs, it is hard to say if her sarcasm is genuine or disingenuous, but her sarcasm certainly is spot on here.

Ditto that it is good to be critical of all news sources, FOX, RT, CNN, Bloomberg, BBC, MSNBC, Telemundo ... , yet still welcoming as many differing and alternative sources as can be. The more sources, the more alternative perspectives, the more platforms for voices, the more chances for truth to expose error. There is no reason to fear error where truth is free to collide with it, but there is certainly reason to fear the suppression of potential truths.

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I'm all in favor of more

I'm all in favor of more perspectives, as long as one is aware of the point of view behind the voice.

+ 1

great find.

So many great posts today.

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