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Earth Brew: Compost Tea


My friends started a business in response to me posting this video on The Free Independent-Sun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXGqJbFZzCo

That's what I am talking about. Action! "Hey, look at that problem. How do I fix that? That's how I fix that? Okay!"

The business brews premium compost tea and sells directly to landscapers (who then apply it) or sells application services (found that private customers rarely applied the compost tea and just let it sit, then returning it unused).

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Those are some pretty amazing veggies. I work in the garden supply business, and realize the benefits of compost tea.

What that gentleman said about the waxy texture of the leaves is so true. Plants that have healthy and strong cell walls, make it difficult for pests to chew on. Spider mites included.
Plants actually radiate a frequency, and the mites and other bugs can tell which is the weakest plant of the group and start their infestation there.