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Illinois State Senator Gives Up, Moves to Texas

Now there is one smart Yankee. I must say though, that my wife and I figured that one out 50 years ago. It takes some people longer than others. Long Live TEXAS!

Illinois State Senator Leaves for Texas: ‘I’m Tired of Subsidizing Crooks.’

By Barbara Hollingsworth

Roger Keats, a former Illinois state senator and Cook County Board president, is packing up and leaving the Land of Lincoln for good. The 62-year-old Keats was a good government reformer who helped clean up the rampant corruption in the Chicago-area courts uncovered by Operations Greylord and Gambat.

But now he’s throwing in the towel, and he and his wife are heading for Texas. “I am tired of subsidizing crooks,” Keats told the Wilmette Beacon.
More here at the Texas Insider:


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