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Long Term Effects of Propoganda - Did Ed Sullivan stick us with communist Cuba for the last fifty years?


This is an interview of Fidel Castro while being promoted by Ed Sullivan. It sounds a lot like today, even the very end of it, and is worth viewing.

"This is a fine young man. And a very smart young man. With the help of God and our prayers.. the help of the American government, he'll come up with a democracy down there that America should have..."

Gag. This is Fidel Castro being pushed, with armed shaggy bearded men all around him no less and the dead bodies still warm outside!!!! and Ed Sullivan is likening them to people that carry bibles - yes that's in this interview clip too. And I suppose Ed Sullivan might have thrown in prayers to link it to help from the American government - because if a prayer is answered, it doesn't need any more help from any government!

And so is supporting a dictatorship as "democracy" right at the the end too. All the usual is in there - and yet - did you ever hear any criticism of Ed Sullivan for doing this? Yet, it is as gross as anything Hollywood does today. A must look at for long term effects of propaganda. Because it's pretty clear that those effects are still with us. I mean, even one person on this forums voted this down - because Ed Sullivan couldn't possible do exactly what he is doing. And yet he is. It's so surreal it is like something out of the move the Running Man.

And this is Ed Sullivan going to interview Fidel Castro with his armed thugs all around him, I mean its pretty darn hard to excuse as simple ignorance. The beginning of it has a pretty strong push at propaganda too.

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So, uhm, with Ed Sullivan

So, uhm, with Ed Sullivan driving across Cuba right after the fighting and seeing all the dead bodies strewn around: Is calling Castro's men bible reading people as they stand sround with loaded (likely still smoking) guns a good thing?

It is a testimony to something that this was even allowed to go on the air. I suppose at the very least it says these lies have been going on for a long time, and weren't just started with this generation.

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