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Who can the US hand off the Libyan War to? The EU?


Some experts believe only NATO could effectively take over from the U.S., while others say that keeping the Arab League and Turkey in the coalition is crucial, so an alternative will have to be found. "Perhaps one way around it is to use EU (European Union) military staff and EU military headquarters in Brussels. It is very much an air operation so it is not as complicated as when you have many different services involved. I am sure NATO will remain peripheral to the operation," says Heyman. - CNN

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The Libya situation is complicated but could pull the EU together.

More likely rip it apart. The EU is not stable enough to withstand leading a protracted war that entails civil war and regime change. Unless their plan is to start shipping in unemployed starving Irish men like they did back in 1861 in America's Civil War.

The above article from CNN Question and Answers is a very informative article as it does explain the complicated situation that the Libyan War is bringing up. It explains the that US can not afford to go to war against another Muslim country Financially as well as Politically. The Arabs cannot touch it because their already riled up populations would take to the streets in even greater numbers. NATO cannot have it because Arabs Nations will not fly under a NATO Flag and Arab participation is necessary to sell the war to the world.

It seems like the elite jumped into a war and didn't have a plan. However I highly doubt that is the case with a group as meticulous as the Money Power. Maybe the plan was to strengthen the EU military the entire time? After all it is a European problem or so the elite would like us to believe.

"Libya is on the fringes of Europe and the reality is that you can't expect the U.S. to pay for Europe's defense. The U.S. is under all kinds of pressure... the U.S. defense budget is sucking $712 billion from the economy every year. It is also facing pressure over its presence in Afghanistan."

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EU Kings Are Handing The Lybia War To Us Just like Afganistan

The US is now a debtor to the EU kings and their oppressive industry barons.

As debtors we must send our children into battle not for our own interests but instead for our creditors' interests.

Our children are now destined to die in a foreign land fighting someone else's (some foreign ruthless oppressor's) battles for them.

We have ourselves now become the oppressed; oppressed by the evil kings of this world, the same wicked blood thirsty corporate fascist kings who stand in opposition to the God of the Bible and to his Sovereign Children (Child).

We are no longer a sovereign nation.

We have a corporate colonial governor called by among other names, Obama.


♫ Hey Mr. Taliban

An article on Drudge says the Taliban is interested in helping the rebels. They T-boys took over Afghanistan for the US when the rebels there were fighting the USSR, so there is a precedent.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln


Now that is some serious logic, wouldn't be surprised if the CIA is flying them in as we speak. Nothing like setting up another Islamic republic to justify the continued War on Terror.

How about retreating and

How about retreating and letting the chips fall where they may?

Exactly let Libyan internal

Exactly let Libyan internal affairs remain Libyan internal affairs. But then there wouldn't be a need to build an EU military.

All is Going to Plan

All of what is happening in our world and what has happened last century was all spelled out very precicely in " The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion " the House of Rothschild is behind all of this madness. World war three has already begun. It started on 9/11/01 and will not stop untill all nations are brought to their knees from exhaustion of war. Then they"House of Rothschild " will offer up their solution. A one world currency and a one world government to be led by the Anti-Christ. Problem-Reaction- Solution . The oldest game in the book.




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They are broke, too. US has spent $225M just on Tomahawks!

We are broker than broke. Economic cataclysm is heading our way fast.

United States has spent some $225 million firing Tomahawk missiles,

The cost could reach up to $800 million to fully establish the no-fly zone and another $100 million a week to maintain it going forward, said Zack Cooper, a senior analyst for the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments.


Debt clock is at $14.251T

is there such a thing as

is there such a thing as broke for the money power and their central banks? I mean how can you be broke if you create money and pass it off as debt to nations, they can pay for wars indefinitely as long as the public silently sits by and watches the fireworks.