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Could this be THE solution to our energy independence?

I noticed a link that was provided by another member here (sorry I forget their name).
It is to a company that is doing revolutionary work in the bio fuel field. This is not just simple algae, but a modified organism that produces fuel directly without having to extract it, giving it a "direct to market" advantage. They claim to have a product that is up to 50 times more efficient than other biofuels, and can cost as low as 30 dollars a barrel.

I also found out that this company is building a pilot plant right here in my area, and that I have connections to the man who was responsible for bringing them here. (Thinking about a possible career change)

This seems like a very exciting development, and I wonder what your thoughts are. Part of me is discouraged because I can't help but think that this type of revolutionary technology will be suppressed somehow.

Check them out.

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Jefferson, Was it My Link?

I stumbled over this company on a web site and posted it on DP. Very promising technology and also interesting is the fact John Podesta, former white house chief of staff is on the board of directors. If this is anywhere near what they claim, its a big deal. Jefferson, since you have an inside track on this let me know if anything develops. I am very interested in this.

Go With Radiant Energy, Everyman's Nuclear Power

John Bedini
Meissner circuit
Tesla Radiant Energy Patent 1901

There hasn't been an energy shortage for 110 years, you were completely conned.
All the twentieth century's centrally controlled energy systems were obsolete in 1901.
You might want to bring yourself up to speed on this old news.

The Oracle

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I don't know about the THE, but interesting for sure.

If they were public I'd look closer as a potential investment.

Undo what Wilson did