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Oil really is the root of all evil

In creating this post I had a hard time deciding which forum to put it in... "Gardening, Farming, & Homesteading"?... Maybe... "Peace/War"?... Perhaps... "Technology"?... That would work... "Politics & Law"?... That would work too... Of course it *is* a video, so it could just go in "Videos"... In the end I settled for "Current Events", given the fact that our "leaders" have decided to bomb the crap out of every country on earth that doesn't want to just roll over and give up their oil.

Take oil and petroleum out of the energy equation and replace it with a locally produced, locally controlled, ecological, economical, renewable resource and what happens?

95% of the world's structural problems melt away.

No more oil wars. No more money leaving our country by the hundreds of billions. No more ecological devastation related to fuel production. Greatly reduced carcinogens.

But oil is necessary for our lifestyle, right?

If it's not, how did we get hooked on oil in the first place?

History tells us the US went from whale oil to kerosene for lamps courtesy of the ingenuity of John Rockefeller and Standard Oil.

It also tells us that gasoline and diesel made from oil and was the only practical source of fuel for motor vehicles (cars, trucks, buses and tractors.) Still is, so they say.

But think about something for a moment.

Prohibition was the total ban on alcohol manufacturing in the US from 1919 to 1933.

We accept it as a force of nature and never examine it. ...

Enjoy: http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/421.html