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The Constitution

by Reggie Brannon on Wednesday, March 23, 2011 at 12:59pm
I just wanted to ask people who is going to make our government obey the law if its not the American people. Our government has ignored and violated the laws of our constitution continuously to kill ,victimize and destroy other countries .Each time our government violates the limits set by our constitution they victimize every citizen in America. The constitution says we cannot commit our military to war with out a Declaration of War approved by congressional vote. Section 8 of the constitution says the national guard is only to repel an invaision to America. The president has violated both of these constitutional laws .Sending the national guard to Libya (its not international guard ). We let the president . Who is himself a violation of the constitution and not legally a natural born citizen and elligatable to hold that position . Take the role of a dictator in violation of the law ,the constitution .That is not a democracy or a republic its enslavement by a tyrant and a dictatorship .