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UPDATE: Alaska Militia leader Schaffer Cox Television interview.

Here is the latest column from Dermit Cole on the Alaska Miltia leader. Click on the link below to see full story, PLUS the You Tubes of the TV program Schaffer and his wife were on last year. (I have not seen it being I have to use public computers to get on line.)

Schaeffer Cox claimed Fort Wainwright offered him 'political asylum'
by dermotcole
Dermot Cole March 23, 2011
In an interview on KJNP-TV last fall, Schaeffer Cox claimed that six federal agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration were sent to Fairbanks with a plan to kill him, his wife and his young son.

"If there came a time where they were endangering my family, you bet I'd kill those federal agents," he said, adding that he wouldn't be much of a father if he sacrificed his family "on the altar of submission to the wicked state."

He said the federal agents were trying to "orchestrate an event" and provoke Cox by taking away his son Seth.

"Come to find out, what the supervising agent had said, the words that came out of his mouth, quote, like verbatim were, 'Our plan is to try to take Seth away from Schaeffer and Marti and we believe that will be sufficient to elicit a display of force, at which point we will shoot all three of them.'"
Link: http://www.newsminer.com/pages/full_story/push?blog-entry-Sc...

Here is the link to the propagand story on his legal proceedings.
Mr. Cox has been spending most of his time in solitary confinement for obvious reasons.

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this is why this country will

this is why this country will fail, anyone who stands up to them gets smashed by thier systems. Eventually people will stop participating and the whole system will implode....sooner than later.

I applaud people who have the courage to stand up, they will be blessed in ehaven.