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Article: Rand Paul Has Become A Household Name

In 2008 Rand Paul was almost unknown. He was an eye doctor with a good practice, but certainly no star power. The middle child of a libertarian-leaning Republican Congressman, Rand devoted most of his time to his family, medical practice, and small taxpayer’s organization in his hometown of Bowling Green Kentucky. A search through a news archive further reinforces this point. There was only one article on Rand Paul prior to 2007 and it was a newspaper clipping about an action taken by his small political organization in which he released a report card regarding who voted to raise taxes. He seemed to have no interest in a public life until, by his own admission; government became so reckless it began to threaten the private lives of ordinary American citizens like himself.

Though his father is a Congressman, Rand was unlikely to benefit from any purposeful nepotism in his eventual ascension to the Senate for two reasons. The first is that his father represents the antithesis of “mainstream” and thereby has few friends in Washington, be they lobbyists, fellow legislators or president (regardless of political party). The second is that Ron Paul isn’t the type of person who believes people should be treated differently based on societal class structures. His whole philosophy is intertwined with the idea that the individual should be free to pursue his or her own form of happiness. In other words, this Obama-like Ascension, seemingly out of nowhere, is a different animal altogether. Paul has benefited from his father’s massive grassroots support base, to say the least; but there is a distinct sense that this support is due to the similarity in the platforms of the two legislators, rather than blind support based on loyalty to Rand’s father.


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Excellent essay -

thank you!


Something has to change....

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Wow NinjaRonPaul.... can you listen to my speech?

Maybe your golden ear will tell me my fortune... (just kidding smile)

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lol yeah I guess it kinda

lol yeah I guess it kinda comes off like bragging.. but I'd say most people were feeling that way if they really think about it. it's certainly not a new phenomenon, leaders ascending quickly out of nowhere, but prior to Rand Paul, I saw it as only nefarious, now its just usually nefarious.

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