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Michael Savage asks "Why is Glenn Beck's viewership down?"...

...for 90 minutes he entertained this; I couldn't get through to say "because they went with Judge Napolitano!!!"

Savage says Fox News is 20% Saudi owned; I believe Savage is World Net Daily(Israeli-owned).

I think World Net Daily is going to launch television and compete with Fox News ... I predicted this over year ago.

Either way, it is still "making the people believe they have a voice" when in fact they don't. Glenn Beck has to be "put down" because he is still encouraging an insurrection; PLUS, people know the Constitution is LAW, not a blanket you warm up in your microwave in order to lay on the couch and watch a BYU football game(nor a sweater your grandmother knit so you can wear it to church, and take it off when you get home).

Enough of Glenn Beck's emotional bull shit, and on with the SUBSTANCE that is Ron Paul and Constitutionally LIMITED government!!!

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Beck is boring


Beck is not a libertarian..

Beck is not a libertarian.. he is a show-man. He will claim to have the opinion of whatever segment he feels will get him the most viewers.
I cant stand to watch the guy I feel like Im being contaminated when I do. =(

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants

Beck's viewership is not down

It is a statistical game he is playing. If you look at Beck's numbers independent from spikes during things like financial crisis, and health care mandates when people naturally flock to the media, his view ship is actually up.