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I think I've got Sheen figured out!! He's pretty clever...

I think I know what Charlie Sheen is up to...and if I'm right, he's pretty dang clever!

Remember last fall, there was some young actor who was showing up for Leno and different appearances seemingly stoned, he was unshaven and wore dark glasses all the time? I can't recall the guy's name, but in the end, it turned out he was acting"...because they were filming him doing all this weird stuff in order to make some art-sy film.

I just wonder if, because he wasn't taken seriously when trying to get people to think about the 9/11 coverup, and the other issues Charlie wanted to get out there...maybe, just maybe he is acting this way for the attention of the "Enquiring minds" out there...he's turned his whole life into this cartoon, and is now selling tickets to his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour!!...and the folks are gobbling it all up!!!

I can only hope, that once the sheep have paid their money, Charlie will get on stage with a microphone and tell them the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I'm just thinkin' that this is all just a publicity stunt...what do you all think?

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This pic may hold a clue

Is that a 9/11 clip on the computer?

Also he was on Jimmy Kimmel with Mark Cuban who was going to be involved with Lose Change if I remember right.
Charlie sheen stops by during Mark Cuban's interview

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"I will love you violently!"

Still makes me laugh!


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Joaquin Phoenix

was the guy's name you're talking about. The film was called "I'm still here"


I never saw it, but the other day I was thinking about it right around 4:20 in the afternoon, and I suddenly got the punchline to the joke! You're right - he was off pretending like he'd completely lost it, like he was totally gone. It turns out he wasn't, as he telegraphed in the title of the film, and the punchline to his 2-year long running joke: I'M STILL HERE!

(People thought the title was a riff on the Dylan biographical sketch that came out in 2007 called, "I'm Not There")

But to your point. I have thought about Sheen's tour title also, and wondered what it could mean: "Violent Torpedo of Truth." I must admit it must sound quite provocative to the 911 Truthers among us. As in, 'what hit the Pentagon, cuz it wan't no plane.'

I also heard that CBS wants him back - I don't know if this is confirmed, or just a rumor. Perhaps this is a way for Them to shut him up if he actually is going to talk 911 Truth on his sold out nation wide tour.

All I can say is STRANGE TIMES MAN! Strange times we live in.

He's the man.

I think he's trying to make

I think he's trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The guy WAS the top paid TV star in the US, so his name recognition is very high, therefore taking his act on the road makes sense and he can meet his fans. From what I've seen (as far as estimates go) he'll still earn less on the road than he would've made from his TV show, but since that's gone he MIGHT be able to get back into movies. He won't be able to maintain a permanent traveling circus schedule, but another network is already talking about hiring him for another series, so... whatever.

If Charlie is that machiavellian...

Then he's a genius. I do lean toward this all being some sort of publicity stunt though, especially since he really is "winning".


interesting conspiracy theory you got there