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How about supporting Tim Pawlenty

What do you folks think about supporting Tim Pawlenty?

I hope this question is ok, and not deleted, just looking for some honest feedback.

Over on the Tim Pawlenty Forum one of the supporters made a good suggestion about sending bibles and a copy of the patriot act to ron paul supporters. I quoted the post below.

If they did this would it increase the likely hood of you getting on the Tim Pawlenty bandwagon?

Just curios, and i hope you are open to having a Tim supporter posting here. Would love to debate the issues.

And don't get me wrong, I like Ron Paul, I just feel he puts the constitution ahead of morals

And for any of you thinking about supporting a candidate that will put security first, please check out our grassroots forum at the TIM PAWLENTY 2012 FORUM


Most Paul supporters will get on the Pawlenty bandwagon


I think we should mass mail bibles and a copy of the patriot act to all known ron paul supporters. Once they realize that morals and security come before freedom, they are sure to get on the PAWLENTY BANDWAGON

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What is Tim Pawlenty's stance

What is Tim Pawlenty's stance on the Federal Reserve and a sound gold backed monetary system?

Yes, I am a totally socially inept nerd,

and even I can see this is sarcasm. At least I hope, for the poster's sake, that it is.

I think this is a joke

Check out the front page of this site.

Here are the titles of some of the threads on the front page.

Tim Pawlenty National 11pm curfew


Huckabee supporters: Natalie Portman should be tortured in GITMO

Mitt Romney's BRA LAW and why we need it

Mike Huckabee: Lets outlaw Abortion and the HOMO'S

you picked the wrong governor

you picked the wrong governor from Minnesota to support on this site

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+1 for the chuckle

and your over-sized juevos.

Wow, I see you really hit a

Wow, I see you really hit a nerve. People here are usually polite to a fault but I suppose the patriot act thing really sent everyone over the edge. I guess there is two things you can't mess with around with on this site: our respect for Ron Paul and our hatred for the Patriot Act. I didn't know much about Pawlenty before this thread, but I sure learned in a very humorous way from all the posts here that he is a bad dude to be avoided. I guess you'll have to send the bibles and patriot acts to Newt, Palin, and Bachman's supporters, if they have any.

Even though we don't agree with the suggestions in your post I'm going to vote it up for creating good discussion and keeping me laughing! Ron Paul says to have fun when working for freedom!

How about.....



TP doesn't have the cognitive capacity, moral integrity, and just downright honesty on the issues as RP.

id give Tim a 0.1 on the ron paul scale out of ten

you might get some traction, if you can explain this.

"And don't get me wrong, I like Ron Paul, I just feel he puts the constitution ahead of morals"

define please.



nice joke

This whole Bible & PATRIOT Act thing is quite funny...both rely on unreasonable beliefs.

The religions of oppressor and victim ... nature is middle class

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another GOP punk. Has nothing to offer other than being slightly better than the likes of Newt, John, Sarah, Mike, Donald ect. but then so does my 5 year old grandson.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Security before Liberty?

Then you deserve neither my good man.

Welcome, and how about...

you learn a little bit about Ron Paul? I was a "FredHead" back in 2007, and watching this video -


was the start of my conversion....It wasn't easy for me, I'm a 7 year Army vet who took part in OIF 1 - check out my video while you're at it -


I hope you stick around here a bit, it's good to challenge your belief system now and then...

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Thank you, Zak--

appreciated both youtubes.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I've only just once or twice heard this man's name--

I have no idea where T. Pawlenty is from or anything about him; I do have some neo-conservative acquaintances who are fascinated by him, however, which makes me wary.

Sending bibles to people on Daily Paul?

I don't understand.

I wear out bibles, reading them; I mean, I literally have worn out several bibles in my lifetime, which, I admit, is a fairly long one--

so, what is the point here?

I am afraid I am speaking to the air; I have a feeling this young person has already 'fled'.

But the idea that people "out there" believe that people on DP are not acquainted with, even closely, the bible . . . is astounding to me.

And this person thinks the patriot act and the bible are 'friends'--

well, I guess I must just be astounded today.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

If this is not a joke....it's a lesson in how to

stir up a hornets nest of activity in here....suggesting someone other than Ron Paul works every-time!

Pawlenty should reconsider his platform.

Why in the world would any Bible - believing American give up his or her God-given, inalienable rights for so-called security? Security is an illusion.

To do as you suggest is immoral.

Ya got spunk, kid! I'll give you that.

Sort of reminds me of the few times I tried to infiltrate and recruit.

I get the impression that you believe in what you are saying, and that's good, but you'll not cover any ground here. The diverse group here has transcended conventional group-think and is fixated on, above all, LIBERTY! Everything else comes second, and will be the dividend of liberty for the individual.

Security first? There is no security without liberty. The Constitution institutionalizes it and defends it. The Constitution is due North on your moral compass. If it's not pointed there, you are heading in the wrong direction.

Perhaps we can send you compasses with a picture of Ron Paul where "N" is usually?

And if your guy doesn't support sound money, you can keep him.

First things first, Welcome!

Glad to see new people, regardless of their world view checking out the site, especially if they want to have a conversation over the issues of the day.

Now I have no problem with you mailing bibles out, its your prerogative. I think however that it is interesting that you believe that you have the market cornered on morals and somehow Tim Pawlenty is Gods messenger.

I want to challenge you to do one thing when evaluating morals as you define as being paramount over the Constitution (completely legitimate and I would say Ron Paul would agree with you, it certainly is not a perfect document). However you are suggesting that the US Government take claim to enforcing this. Think about that for a minute. How do you know your morals will line up with the States?

Answer for me this as I am not sure that you appreciate the gravity of the rule of law in actual protecting society from busy bodies to tyrants. The bible says "Thou shalt not kill". How would Pawlenty and his "Security in your lifetime" line up with Gods basic commandment?

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This is a joke, right?

I'll admit that I don't know much about Tim Pawlenty.

Now.... How dare you insinuate that I need one of your Bibles more than you or your buddies do? If anyone in this country knows that our rights are guaranteed by God, our Creator, it is Ron Paul's supporters. And who made you an authority on my morality and my faith in God?

As for Ron Paul, everyone here knows that he is a religious man. Everyone here knows that his strong prolife bill, the Sanctity of Life Act, was voted down by the so called Bible loving republicans in Congress. Even my fellow local republicans voted against adding the Sanctity of Life Act amendment to the GOP platform merely because Ron Paul authored it. Maybe you should be giving your buddies a Bible instead of worrying about me...you know, one of those Ron Paul supporters.

One more thing, do you actually think you can convince this forum, a group of people made up almost entirely of scholars of the Constitution, that The Patriot Act is something we should support? Do you all support a National Id Card and TSA groping, too?

If this is not a joke, then excuse me for being snarky and welcome to Daily Paul. You have so much to learn.

Pawlenty has a forum?

Let's do some counting:

Total # of Threads: 18
Total # of Views: 944
Total # of Replies: 17
Avg # of Replies per Thread: 0.98

Now some of these threads are anti-Pawlenty. For example the one named "We should get rid of this forum" and "Tim Pawlenty National 11pm curfew".

Is this a joke? It's a joke right? Yawn. Boring.

he doesn't really have a forum

he has a subforum in politicalink with (last time I checked) two poster's.

Another guy named 'Ron Pual' also has a subforum there. That subforum says it needs a moderator.

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Time for an Intervention?

Pawlenty For Se...,

We are all here because we love you, but the destructive thought patterns of your statism have reached the point where we need to interveen. Please continue here:


Sending a bible out to us is all fine and good. We recognize we get our freedoms and liberty in a natural way or from a creator. But we do not believe we should use the force of government to restrict that liberty and those freedoms. The government should only serve to protect those freedoms and that liberty that was given by god. This is where Pawlenty and Paul supporters split.

He's a Romney clone

Why would we do that?

His slogan for his campaign, get this, is 'Security in Your Lifetime!'

What do we have in common?

I can't imagine anyone deleting this post, though, we're always open to conversation.

Pawlenty is about forcing people with the power of the state. We believe in morals but that morals are not the province of the state unless one party hurts another -- generally. However, we believe in the Constitution because it protects the people and is the rule of law. How is the rule of law not part of morality? And some states might handle things differently from others. Because individuals are more nearly represented at the local level where they can actually influence policy making. The more distant and centralized a government, the less it speaks for the lobbyist-less individual on the street.

I'm not sure if you are suggesting Pawlenty is actually against the Constitution, which is a position politicians rarely take.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul



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A little early

for April Fools Day, isn't it?

I had to double check the date on my puter.....8) I was thinking I overslept by a week.

" Once they realize that morals and security come before freedom"


I feel like an old bass in a small pond, sitting here with a couple of hooks and broken fishing line hanging out of my mouth. Watching this shiny lure go past.....8)

He is coming to Nashville on Tuesday

We plan on calling out his Neo-Con a$$.