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First part of trilogy of Atlas Shrugged in movie theaters April 15th

You can see trailers of the movie at the Atlas Shrugged movie website:


That is the link to the theaters in which it will be shown. Pro freedom lovers might want to help ratings by seeing the movie with friends on the first weekend.

Ron Paul recommended Atlas Shrugged in his best seller The Revolution: A Manifesto

The producer had obtained the movie rights for one million dollars some years ago but no major studio was able to do it. The producer is John Aglioloro, a businessman who owns an exercize equipment company. He decided to go ahead on his own before the option to do so ran out and managed to bring together a talented cast and crew.

The first of the trilogy covers the first part of the novel and there are plans to produce the rest of the story.

There are several reviews available by those who saw preview showings.

One wing of the pro freedom movement is made up of admirers of Ayn Rand who was born in Russia and escaped to America where she became a writer with a profoundly individualistic theme in The Fountainhead, Anthem and We The Living. Atlas Shrugged is her magnum opus whose theme she said is The Role Of Man's Mind In Existence and the plot theme is The Men Of The Mind On Strike.

There is still barely enough time to read the book, or at least the first third of it, before the movie opens.


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The Strike

Mises - What is Your Plan for The Day After Tomorrow? :

A society cannot survive if it cannibalizes itself. Politicians promising a free lunch but using the seed corn to provide it will bring only ruin. This is the essence of socialism, a system that rewards the unproductive and enslaves those who produce more than they consume. The morality of capitalism lies in the fact that it rewards producing for your fellow men.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl