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The Truth about the Kennedy Assassination & Obama Told by Gadaffi

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Sounds like Gadaffi had high hopes

for his brother Obama. He must be quite disappointed in him now.

Castro knows the most about the Kennedy Assassination

Gadaffi is focusing on one specific area, but there were many more significant factors:

1. Kennedy declared a halt to the entire Arms Race, and was seeking Military disarmament, much like Mikhale Gorbechev would eventually succeed at doing in the 1980s.

2. Kennedy came to reject the logic of the Vietnam War, and by 1963 wanted no part of it. He planned on a full and complete withdrawal by 1965, with troops ordered home starting in 1963. Kennedy's National Security Action Memorandum 263 was overturned by Lyndon Johnson, clearing the path for CIA Paramilitary War Planning, and setting the stage for a U.S. Invasion -- within days of the Kennedy murder.

3. Kennedy ordered the FBI to shut down the CIA "Bay of Pigs" training camps, and wanted no part in stealth War against Cuba (that might lead to another "Cuban Missile Crisis"). This is why Castro knows more about the Kennedy Assassination than probably anyone else. He knew the CIA assassination apparatus that was directed at himself, and this is the same group of people that were involved in the Kennedy hit, and also were hired by Nixon and participated in the Watergate Burglary.

4. Kennedy vowed to dismantle the CIA's Covert Paramilitary operations, and take away their power. He had seen the dark side of U.S. Foreign Policy as orchestrated by the CIA and knew that he had better get control of the CIA, if he was to be able to preserve the peace.

5. Kennedy cleared the way for the U.S. Treasury to begin printing DEBT-FREE United States Notes on its own -- and thus bypassing the Federal Reserve Monopoly and their private control over our Nation's Money Supply. Series 1963 United States Notes were taken out of existance by Lyndon Johnson within days of the Kennedy Assassination.

Kennedy was assassinated by the American CIA and Secret Service (orchestrated by the Cold War planners). If there was any "help" from Foreign Intelligence, it was less significant than the American MIC planning, execution, and cover-up activities.


1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vg4DOWJpWBI

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jax13K4jRwY&2DJFK

JFK would not take orders

from the puppet masters AKA House of Rothschild. He was made an example of for future potus puppets. I am sure that all presedents since after inauguration are shown the film footage of jfk getting his head blown off by his own driver in broad daylight surrounded by secret service and cilvian bystanders/wittnesses. Would you or anyone you know try to fight this power ? Even our beloved DR. Paul has to play along with the 911 story in order to stay alive politicaly and physicaly.


There is a lot of info on this on the Internet.

I had never heard this before but it adds one more reason for a conspiracy of many who may have wanted JFK dead.

So the JFK mystery deepens.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I have

read about the Dimona theory before, and it makes a lot of sense. Still to this day, no one is allowed to inspect their nuclear program, and they have NEVER been part of the NPT.

Here is a supposed letter from Kennedy regarding Dimona, before he was killed.

More info:

A youtube I haven't seen yet:
JFK vs Israel and Dimona - The Stand, Murder, and Takeover (John F. Kennedy)

this is a new one for me--

while I was raised by rabid republicans who believed Kennedy was a demon, I was not comfortable openly questioning his assassination--

there were few tears shed in my extended family when he died, though I, personally, remember feeling shocked and vexed and outraged by it.

Gradually, I began to hear things about Bay of Pigs, gold standard, etc.

Never this. This one is new.

I wonder how many things Kennedy did that aggravated the PTB.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Quite an insightful speech.

No wonder the ultra-feminist "we are not cowboys, but global social workers" PC Israel-firster war-mongering Amazons nagged Obm relentlessly into sending missiles towards Gadaffi.

I guess now we can only sit back, with beer in our hands, and watch the wrestling match between Hillary C/ Susan Rice/ Samantha Power Amazons VS Gadaffi's female body guards.

BTW, Go to Raimondo's inspired column for the full explanation of the Three Nagging Amazons @


that is a really great J. Raimondo ariticle - you should post it on its own in the Forum for all to see.

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Lao T, I did post it BUT not a single person left a comment.

Maybe my title sounded too flippant: The tale of Three Nagging Amazons vs Gadaffi's female body guards. Maybe I'll rewrite the title and try again. . . for Raimondo.


I will say this as another observed ...he has the best sunglasses :D


He needs a stylist

really really badly.

Hey Sandra...

is this you? ....


seems to know quite a bit about the middle east like you.


I wanted to find out more

I wanted to find out more about Gadafi. Well first of all it seemed to me that when I was a kid they called him Khadaffi, now he was suddenly Gadafi. Anyhow, I looked him up and found out a lot of interesting things about him, even that there are many combinations of name spellings and pronunciations. Beyond his eccentric 70'sesque militant chic fashions, his all female virgin bodyguard troop, and his blond Ukrainian personal nurse, something really stuck out to me. Apparently one of his playboy sons was arrested in Switzerland some time ago. Gaddafi got so mad that he kicked out all Swiss companies, stopped all business and oil exporting to Switzerland and really went overboard halting all sorts of investment there, Kicked out their embassies and held hostage some Swiss businessman.

I strongly suspect it was this unstable environment for oil companies and other businesses in Libya that have been campaigning for this result. Come to think of it I started hearing about this blond nurse some time ago long before these middle east uprisings seemed a possibiliy. I am starting to perceive a pattern in the media where they start mentioning little negative tidbits and bringing public awareness little by little, in a negative light, to groom and shape public opinion before they stage one of their events. Iran comes to mind how they start the poisoning and eventually the hysteria but when you get right down to it, why is Iran a threat?? Why is libya a threat? Do we really know what the heck was really going on there before we attacked them?

Trust is so low with our government and the disinfo and our Pravda like media, how do we know if there are even anti-Gadaffi rebels there? But it actually doesn't matter in the larger scheme of things. There is no reason we ought to involve ourselves in an unprovoked war.

That's what the western media

slants it anyway. That Wikileaks described almost everyone I know.

I don't see where a blonde

I don't see where a blonde nurse and an all virgin female bodyguard detachment is a bad thing. I saw pictures of those bodyguards and they're delicious!

Yo go Muammar! Tell Bush you already got your own no fly zone!

Not a bad thing per se, just

Not a bad thing per se, just makes him look like an oddball leader. Truth is, he is probably just flaunting what the other leaders keep behind closed doors. Bush and Obomba both likely have a harem of young boys at their service.

I would like to be dictator

I would like to be dictator for life of Brazil. No, I don't want to tell people what to do, I just want to wear a funny uniform and be surrounded by throngs of Brazilian women who are ready and willing to do whatever ungodly... ok I'll stop now.

So we can surmise that Quadafi reads WND

All of what he is saying may in fact be true- but nothing new- nothing that this administration can't brush off as the Sheen-esque ramblings of a tyrant on his way out. They certainly want him dead- but not because he is exposing anything they haven't already pooh-poohed ad nauseam, but because he isn't going with the global agenda...and his recent actions aren't doing him any favors in garnering any outside support. The US is priming the pump for yet another civil war in the Middle East that "we cant just leave in the hands of the bad side." Its like watching another slow-motion trainwreck. As for inspecting Isreal's nuke plant- never heard that- add it to Viet Nam,The Bay of Pigs and the rest of the extensive laundry list Kennedy sealed his fate with by not being a team player. Great video! Thanks for the link!

I think the main reason for our interest in Libya can be found in PNAC. There is a lot of ink when you cross reference PNAC with Libya- this is just the first link I found- I'm sure there are many that are better for those interested.

This just made me think maybe THIS info is why Biden

This just made me think maybe the info in your Gadaffi clip is why "I'm a Zionist" Joe Biden is jockeying for Impeachment of Obama.

Thank you for sharing that.

He seems very intelligent. And while he criticizes the U.S. government, he does not blame the U.S. people. It makes him appear quite level-headed and rational. Great find.

I guess the war is Obombya

I guess the war is Obombya evening the score Chicago style.

SWEET find!

the only thing is....I don't understand what he is saying and don't know if what is printed out is really what he is saying.
If someone could confirm that, I'd really appreciate it.

But GOOD ONE mac_hine

it is an accurate translation

I listened to 90% of the video, and the translation is good. His speeches kill me, this is actually one of his more coherent ones, normally he rambles like someone with ADD on crack!

He's listing his points quickly, acceptable in Europe anr ME.

Most world leaders speak this way in public.

Not a lecture with a speech writer and teleprompter.That's the only reason western leaders come off as eloquent but insincere by Eastern standards.

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proper nouns are repeated at the correct times with appropriate emphases, so that lends credence to it, but you're right, tiny things can still be changed...

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