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Ohio farmers resist GMOs because non-GMO seeds work better


(NaturalNews) Ohio farmers are more reluctant to plant genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their fields than their counterparts in other Midwestern states, planting nearly 30 percent of their fields with non-modified corn. In contrast, less than 20 percent of corn acreage in Indiana, Illinois and Iowa is planted with non-transgenic seed.

"This year in our Ohio Corn Performance Trials, we tested nearly 40 non-transgenic hybrids, which is the most we've tested in several years," said Peter Thomison of Ohio State University Extension and the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. "Many non-transgenic hybrids are still competing effectively with transgenic hybrids."

Thomison attributes this trend primarily to economic factors, including less need for pesticides in Ohio than in neighboring states.


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Well I guess the inverse of

Well I guess the inverse of this is that the majority of farmers CHOOSE to use transgenic hybrids. The economics would suggest that farmers planting transgenic seeds are choosing to do so because they are experiencing higher yields, fewer additional costs, and more profit. Just a different view point.

Uh oh

The Ohio State University persists in approaching agriculture in an academic way. There's a lot of history there.

I live here. I've seen fields and fields where actual agricultural research goes on year after year.

I wonder how much "research" money from Mansanto it will take to change their tune.

Defend Liberty!

Yep. How long until they

Yep. How long until they rename our building, the Monsanto Ag Research Facility?

Columbus, Ohio

Good find


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one of my ways

one of my ways to approach people from the left is to start talking with them about Monsanto - how evil it is.
This way I soften them up for other issues bailouts wars FED...

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