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Three Nagging Amazons vs Gadaffi's female body guards=Libyan war

Read all about it @ http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2011/03/22/liberals-march...
courtesy of J Raimondo, as always.

Now, perhaps all we can do is to sit back and watch the grand bloody wrestling match between Hillary C/ Susan Rice/ Samantha Power AMAZONs VS Gadaffi's female body guards. . . as it unfolds in front of our eyes.

OR start PROTESTING against the wars!!! Think "Bradley Manning": what THAT young activist is offering up for the cause!

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Great article!



This one is really worth reading. Raimondo's on fire.
Thanks for posting!

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Thanks for the bump, LaoT!

The image of nagging AMAZON warriors, raining down missiles on Libyan desert, is really troubling. . . Of course, it took a willingly "nagged" president to unleash the destructive havoc.


I saw this snazzy new headline, and had to come in and see what was going on......;)

Thanks for the article.