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My "Ron Paul Stamp" Part 2......Do you have yours?

Just to show you that my little $3 stamp is in full action....this was at the Denver Airport yesterday while I was getting something to eat. I always keep it in my pocket. I was very tempted to stamp it everywhere....such as back of Plane seats, or telephone booths....but I kept it all good. Here are a couple of photos.

Note I am trying to always pay in $1 bills so the message goes faster and farther..
Other good places I used it on my trip
On the toilet paper in the mens room...LOL...at least I get 1 person seeing it.
Inside the Free Magazine on the plane.

I will not stamp it anywhere permanent that can be considered "Vandalism". Just on fun places where people will see it and not mind. The dollars are my favorite.

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I like it! Very good idea,

I like it! Very good idea, the sugar packets for sure. Since it is a stamp, and many plastic surfaces are easily washable I would suggest bus stop signs and such that are plastic coated where lots of people will see it.

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