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How much silver is enough

So we all know you can't have enough silver with the USD slipping more and more and the chance of an economic collapse becoming likely.

Obviously of course we will all need to find a way to be self sufficient and produce items that are worth bartering, but not everyone is capable of that right away.

The question is, how much silver is sufficient to keep a family afloat for several month considering it will take atleast a few months at minimum and strong leadership to recoup from a collapse.

I know this is not an easy question and an exact answer is hard, but an idea of silver value for food in an econmic crisis would certainly help some of us silver bugs.

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Tough one

After a collapse the FRNs you hold now will be practically worthless (can you say Zimbabwe) but silver will always have some value and can be traded for whatever currency is dominate. If I put all my money in silver and the FRN rebounds then I can still buy a hamburger with my silver but after a collapse an FRN won't buy a crumb off the bun. So I say get as much as you can afford. Only you know your financial situation. I'm at 1045 oz and counting

The only way that silver would be a bad investment is if the FRN rebounds to it's former glory (not) or if we have a complete world cataclysm (maybe).

Junk Silver

A $100 Face Value bag of junk silver should suffice for a month or two of food. If you want to be on the safe side, a $1000 Face Value bag will do it. You can always buy two or more of the $100's if a $1000 is too much.

I like the junk silver for possible bartering. Anyone worth doing business with will recognize the coins and understand their value. They are government issued dimes, quarters and half dollars (pre 1965 or '64 - check on that) with the date on them of course. They are of small denomination so they are perfect for food and other essentials.

I like rounds and bars for wealth protection and junk for when the SHTF.

Good point

I have 60oz of pure silver currently but I would prefer to have something to use for purchases. I was looking into junk silver but I was not sure where to start. I will start looking into junk silver. I have about $50 - $60 right not to invest.

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My 2 cents.

Buy whatever you can.
If it is a "dollar slide" that concerns you, then the silver is a "hedge" which holds its value as the dollar slides.
It may or may not have higher buying power vs other commodities, but it will hold value vs dollar slippage.

So, whatever silver you have, will likely remain as valuable or be even more valuable in buying power, while it will take more dollars to buy any commodity, such as food.

I would recommend some diversity in silver coin denominations, with plenty of small coins such as pre-1964 silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, so that you have some ability to match the value of the coins to your purchases.

Silver rounds are fine too, but I don't know if they make very small silver rounds of 1/10, 1/4, ounce, etc.

Usually the so-called "junk silver" of dimes, quarters, and halves, are considered well-recognized and easily traded for silver value with the public at large. And it provides change-making ability too.
Important for commerce.