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Hey Jon, how about a "sticky post" list for the DP?

Many forums have a list of "sticky posts" that answer commonly asked questions about a particular topic. These posts are separated out from the rest of that forum's listing, usually at the top. For example, I have an old Mercedes and an old VW, and two examples can be seen here on sites I frequent:


As you can see above, common questions about things like tires, dealing on eBay, VW busses catching fire, etc. are grouped together. This cuts down clutter on the site and puts these issues right up front where people can easily find them.

Here are two DP posts that would make good "stickies":



Do a search for "books" and there are many other posts that ask similar questions. I thought of this because I was going to create a post asking for book recommendations for young teens who are caught in the public schooling matrix. It struck me that I should use the search first, and then I thought of the "sticky" idea. It's been very useful for me on those other forums, and I think it would be a great addition to the DP.

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I still wish you would move

I still wish you would move that darned share/ save button to the OTHER SIDE!!!!

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I showed you how to do that

look back to when you first asked.

But since I don't remember where that was, try here:

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just noticed this today...

There are a few sticky posts:

In the main forum, there's the posting guidelines, the "introduce yourself" post, and that current meetup day thing. I think there used to also be the "judas goat" post about Glenn Beck.

In videos, there's the Weekend Watching post, and some other one on banks (?).

The book forum...sure, the first one you suggest looks like it could be stickied, it is very in-line with the purpose of the site. The second one, I'd rather people seek that out than be shown it.

I never approached the site through the "forums" page, so I never view posts that way. I sometimes forget it's there.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?