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Ron Paul at NC State University 3/28

March 22, 2011

Dear Patriots,

Our friends at Young Americans for Liberty have some exciting news. Congressman Ron Paul will be bringing the Liberty message to North Carolina next week! Don't miss this rare opportunity to meet with the Champion of the Constitution one-on-one!

Please join Dr. Paul at NC State University's McKimmon Center on Monday, March 28th. This FREE event will begin at 7pm. Dr. Paul will be discussing his recent hearings on the role of the Federal Reserve in rising prices, President Obama's unconstitutional war in Libya, and the future of the Liberty Movement.

For the opportunity to meet with Congressman Ron Paul, please click here to RSVP.

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RSVP issues

I will be attending this event, but there is no button for me to "click here to rsvp"...... any thoughts?

If you're on the YAL mailing list

you probably got this in an email. Try their site? Maybe you can find a link there.


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Is Walter Jones going to be

Is Walter Jones going to be joining him?