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Repeal Legislatures

We need a legislature that cannot adopt new legislation but can only repeal laws. Once elected to the legilature politicians feel a need to continously propose unecessary laws to "aid" their constituents complaints. It is the law that creates the bureaucracy that drains our country of money. As stated by Frederic Bastiat in ("The Law"--a must read for all libertarians. Available for free download. Just google it.") "All law is plunder." He meant by this statement that all law favors one group of people over another, who end up with at the butt end of the law--otherwise known as a club wielded by the bully boys--known as cops and "law enforcement" bureaucrats, whose payroll necessary grows with addition of new laws.

See below for response I received for this message from the Office of a Member of the Michigan House, showing that legislators have caught on to the effect of adding more laws. I was surprised by the response.

Dear Mr. Waxman,

Thank you for the confidence you have expressed in contacting our office about Repeal Legislatures. I value your input and appreciate the opportunity to respond to your suggestion.

While there is no plan for any official Repeal Legislature, there are currently 48 House Bills seeking to repeal either sections of laws or entire laws. There are a similar amount of bills that have been proposed in the Michigan Senate. Representative Nesbitt is committed to working for a predictable tax and regulatory environment. As Bastiat states; "The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is, not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended." Representative Nesbitt is prepared to make the tough decisions necessary to right size government and put Michigan on a sustainable path to economic recovery.

Again, thank you for contacting our office regarding Repeal Legislatures. If I may assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me at (800)577-6212 or at CSlater@house.mi.gov.

With warm regards,

Colin Slater
Legislative Assistant
Rep. Aric Nesbitt
District 80