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The New American - FBI Announces Creation of Biometric Database

Written by Daniel Sayani
Monday, 21 March 2011 15:04

The FBI announced last week that its new identification system has reached its initial operating capacity. Known as Next Generation Identification (NGI), the Lockheed Martin-built program serves as an incremental upgrade of the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, or IAFIS — which will revolutionize law enforcement’s ability to process fingerprints.
NGI provides automated fingerprint and latent search capabilities, electronic image storage, and electronic exchange of fingerprints to more than 18,000 law enforcement agencies and other authorized criminal justice partners 24/7. Upon completion, the system will have the ability to process fingerprint transactions much more effectively and accurately.

Later on in the article:

The use of biometric data is increasing throughout the government. For the past two years, the Defense Department has been storing in a database the images of fingerprints, irises, and faces of more than 1.5 million Iraqi and Afghan detainees, Iraqi citizens, and foreigners who need access to U.S. military bases. The Pentagon also collects DNA samples from some Iraqi detainees, which are stored separately.

entire article here....

Iraq and Afghanistan are beta tests for the NWO.

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That's nice, but how are they

That's nice, but how are they going to use it when A. the money becomes so worthless they can't pay FBI agents to use it and B. the money becomes so worthless they can't pay for electricity to run it?

Government in collapse, grasping for straws, gasping its dying breath.

The state is dead. Let freedom ring!

This is intended to track us!