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MSM once again ignores Ron Paul


I'm not surprised, but disappointed. I wish they would have mentioned Ron Paul, at least saying, is not announced, but is the people's choice.

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Sure it's not just selective omission by either CNN, or

the poll? I have seen a pattern of this and so have all of you. Part of it on the smaller media is to generate a gigantic stream of correspondence and drama. On behalf of bigger polls, they can skew their polling any way that they like.

I also still fear that people still don't know and don't care about RP, many respondents are rather old people and I can tell you from field experience that old people hate/donotcare about RP. They are neocons, hardcore.

This is just biased reporting, however, since it's already 2011 it doesn't hearten me to hear the "same-old 2008 style RP news blackout."