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Standing Room Only Crowd for Ron Paul in New Hampshire

By CLYNTON NAMUO | New Hampshire Union Leader

DURHAM – A standing-room-only crowd of more than 550 people at the University of New Hampshire on Thursday afternoon provided a stark display of how the Ron Paul revolution lives on.


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Follow up report to the Ron Paul NH visit.

2:00 video at the link>

Rep. Ron Paul Visits New Hampshire
Possible Presidential Contender Speaks AT UNH Campus
POSTED: 11:51 pm EDT March 24, 2011
UPDATED: 1:31 am EDT March 25, 2011


He is going to Run

If he was not going to Run he would not be running bak and forth between NH and the other Primary states.

Video of Ron Paul in New Hampshire March 24, 2011

thanks for sharing, I need to

thanks for sharing, I need to get out and socialize with some of my fellow patriots to recharge the batteries.

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can't wait for the Doc to be at NCSU on Monday! Be there!


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I was there and it was great

I was there and it was great to see such a response from the people.

lucky you

I wish I was there.

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The crowd was quite

energetic and enthused. Dr. Paul truly draws a different sort of crowd. 550 people is a lot BUT I bet with real publicity and proper timing he could fill the Verizon Center in Manchester. Promote it as an anti-war rally, with Dr. paul as a speaker, and people from all over the place would show up.

It was an impressive start to the campaign season!


Terrific news!

I loved the story about the vet.

Ron Paul - Irresistible. :)