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The Mind Control of Totalitarian Belief that Generates Disbelief.!

Disbelief of the masses is a cancer among humanity through the teaching of totalitarian dogma from religion, the education system, cultural dynamics and the media. Disbelief is a totalitarian mind control technique that began centuries ago with organized religion. The world religions tailored its mind control technique through the core programming of children from an early age. By programming the core with a single belief, the individual in adulthood will automatically disbelieve all subjects that oppose the core belief structure, thus the totalitarian programed belief produces disbelief concerning reality.

The Education System:

Non-profit foundations dominate the education system; foundations contemplated as credible within the public’s eye are fraudulent. The Rockefeller fraud foundation controls the education system. The core ideology of the education system strengthens the childhood belief structure upon the presentation of any subject opposed to its programing.

When the person is presented with information that the world generally dismisses, the programmed brain automatically refuses the subject. Hence, the totalitarian belief structures causes disbelief. The result is a dominated society that allows the manipulators of the New World Order to present manipulated problem situations, and society in turn conjectures and reinforces the path of the preplanned solutions.
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the reactor meltdowns seriously !! If you still have any conscious thought left.. take actions to protect yourselves!


Philosophically speaking -

Philosophically speaking - and this is a completely serious question, by the way - Is there something evil about mind control, brain washing, Earth depopulation plans, believing falsehood and Totalitarianism?

Why are these things bad? I know why I would call these things evil. But judging from the article you linked to (approvingly, I suppose) we can't possibly have the same reasons for denouncing these things... So I'm just curious.