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Is anybody else collecting Nickels and Pre-1982 Pennies

So we all know that a copper penny is worth 3 cents and that a Nickel is worth 7. This is a side effect from the massive inflationiary policies of the Federal Reserve.

Is anybody else besides me collecting/hoarding these coins? If we get into hyperinflation (which we will), these coins could ends up being like their big brothers, the pre 1964 dime and Kennedy half dollar where they are worth 2000% of face value.

Every week I go to the bank to deposit my check from work I ask for 2 rolls of pennies and 2 rolls of nickels.

Is anybody else doing this?

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Are the pre-1982 pennies 100% copper?

What's the deal with nickels?

95% on the pennies

all nickels except the silver are 75%.


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Thank You!

Thank You!

Yes, I am

Since the middle of 2007 after reading Schiff's book ;)

Yes, I do

And since I have started I also found 2 WW2 silver nickels.

Pennies and Nickels are the poor mans gold and silver.
Also a way to get the kids learning about the value of real money.

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I expect one day

for the Pre-1982 penny to be like the pre 1964 dime. Not in cirulation. Just like the educated, awake people in the 70s and 80s, its our turn to do our part.

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Saving REAL money

Yes, other people are saving such coins. But you didn't hear anything here!


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my wife and i order pennies by the box to our bakery weekly.
i sort through the zinc trash with a rydale coin artist & save all the copper.

at this point (4.40/lb) you can even hand sort more profit in copper per hour than the so called "minimum wage" pays!

there is still an average of 22%-24% copper when you buy boxes & much better % with bags.

My buddy has 3200 in nickels


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160 bucks worth of FRN or 224 bucks worth of nickel alloy

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