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Rise in cancer & death downwind of Nuclear Reactors!

Please consider the travesty against all life forms downwind. It is very significant.

Nuclear disaster is shielded from news.

Take a second to search.

For example:
Infant death and childhood cancer reductions after nuclear plant closings in the United States.

Mangano JJ, Gould JM, Sternglass EJ, Sherman JD, Brown J, McDonnell W.

Radiation and Public Health Project, Brooklyn, New York 11215, USA.

"Subsequent to 1987, 8 U.S. nuclear plants located at least 113 km from other reactors ceased operations. Strontium-90 levels in local milk declined sharply after closings, as did deaths among infants who had lived downwind and within 64 km of each plant. These reductions occurred during the first 2 yr that followed closing of the plants, were sustained for at least 6 yr, and were especially pronounced for birth defects. Trends in infant deaths in proximate areas not downwind, and more than 64 km from the closed plants, were not different from the national patterns. In proximate areas for which data were available, cancer incidence in children younger than 5 yr of age fell significantly after the shutdowns. Changes in health following nuclear reactor closings may help elucidate the relationship between low-dose radiation exposure and disease."

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  1. Death Downwind from a Nuclear Blast | WBUR & NPR
    Jul 15, 2005 ... In 1953, a 32-kiloton nuclear bomb was detonated at a Nevada test site. Within two years, some farmers and much of their livestock living ...
    www.wbur.org/npr/4755711/death-downwind-from-a-nuclear-blast - Cached
    May 25, 1994 ... `BIG LIE' MUSHROOMED INTO DEATH DOWNWIND ... In the surreptitious tradition of postwar nuclear policy, the Las Vegas site was selected and ...
    www.deseretnews.com/ ./BIG-LIE-MUSHROOMED-INTO-DEATH-DOWNWIND.html - Cached
  3. ABQJOURNAL NORTH/OPINION: Death Downwind of Los Alamos
    Sunday, December 19, 2010. Death Downwind of Los Alamos ... didn't know the dangers that floated on the wind from the nuclear weapons facility up the road, ...
    www.abqjournal.com/ north/.../19225029northopinion12-19-10.htm - Cached
  4. Infant Death and Childhood Cancer Reductions after Nuclear Plant [closure]... by JJ Mangano - 2002 - Cited by 3 - Related articles Key words: childhood cancer, downwind, infant death, nuclear plant closings, nuclear re- actors, radioactivity. THERE IS A RELATIVE PAUCITY of research ...
  5. Chapter 8: Bomb Production at Rocky Flats: Death Downwind ... Bomb production at Rocky Flats: Death Downwind .... As a key link in the cold war rush to nuclear supremacy Rocky Flats was built under great secrecy. ...
    www.ratical.org/radiation/KillingOurOwn/KOO8.html - Cached - Similar
  6. Nuclear Power Opponents Cite Link to Infant Death Rates - New York ... Apr 30, 2002 ... Antinuclear campaigners plan to announce today that a new study shows that infant death rates downwind of eight American nuclear power [Rose when plant operated; dropped upon closure]...
    www.nytimes.com/ .../nuclear-power-opponents-cite-link-to-infant-death-rates.html - Cached - Add to iGoogle
  7. Low-level radiation and immune system damage: an atomic era legacy - Google Books Result
    Joseph J. Mangano - 1999 - Medical - 227 pages
    In addition, Mangano divided counties into downwind (to the northeast of ... Local death rates for adults age 20 to 39 for all cancers combined in nuclear ...[Rose when plant operated; dropped upon closure]
  8. Infant mortality rates drop around five US nuclear power reactors ... Washington, D.C - Infant death rates near five U.S. nuclear plants dropped [after closure]... infant death rates in the downwind counties under 40 miles from the plants ... [Rose when plant operated; dropped upon closure]
    www.whale.to/b/infant13.html - Cached - Similar
  9. Amazon.com: Justice Downwind: America's Atomic Testing Program in ... Justice Downwind: America's Atomic Testing Program in the 1950s ... By 1978 the "downwinders" were no longer concerned with animal deaths. ...
    www.amazon.com › ... › United States › State & Local › Utah - Cached - Similar
  10. Infant Death and Childhood Cancer Reductions after Nuclear Plant [closure] ... Subsequent to 1987, 8 us nuclear plants located at least 113 km from other ... Keywords: childhood cancer; downwind; infant death; nuclear plant closings; ...
    www.informaworld.com/ .../content~db=all~content=a920921575~frm=abslink

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You really do not have to look very hard to learn.
"It's a hard rain that's going to fall" March 23, 2011
By Ritt Goldstein

Nuclear fallout falls with rein. Even 1,000 miles away it fails hard. Sweden's radioactivity alarms blared just before the Nuclear Meltdown of Chernobyl was announced to the world 1,000 miles away.

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Thanks for the post...

Saved for some evening reading after work. Will comment again after some digging around. Thanks again.

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

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Amazing info, which. . .

we (well. . . "I" to be exact) "chose" to ignore until. . . now.

Bookmarked for detailed perusal later.
Many thanks for posting this, MT.

P.S. A few years ago there was a post which showed the nuclear test sites graphically plotted over the years. Do you remember that?

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I found it! A little old (2003), but still an eye-opener.


2053 nuclear explosions shown in an interesting format:
"1945-1998" by Isao Hashimoto (Japan, © 2003)

Over 2000 taxpayer funded but top secret nuclear bombs.

A lot of money was spent developing the world's deadliest weapons.

When weapons makers talk about safety they mean what a population can live through as NOT what is healthy for the individual.

Free includes debt-free!