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Phil Moffett: "The free market is the most the most efficient vehicle for getting progress accomplished."

Great Phil Moffett quotes from this interview:

"...all they (federal government) are interested in is telling us what to do and when to do it and how to do it."

"It makes economic sense any time the government gets out of the way and let's people figure things out on their own."

"The free market is the most the most efficient vehicle for getting progress accomplished."

"Common sense has a broad appeal."

I really (heart) Phil Moffett!

Please listen to this interview at the link below and give a thumbs up to my comment (rpkymadisonco). It has a link to contribute let's get it on top:

Phil Muffett: Getting The FDA Off Kentucky Farms & Returning to Industrial HEMP 1/2

part two:

I also commented on the misspelling of his name. Please give that a thumbs up to that one too!

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Good interview!

We can only hope the people on Daily Paul and those in the Liberty Movement get behind Phil Moffett in this important 2011 election for Kentucky's governor. A Phil Moffett win on the heels of Rand Paul's win strengthens any candidate the movement supports for president in 2012!
Go to www.philmoffett.com and donate to his campaign unless you will be comfortable with an establishment candidate winning which will considerably weaken our political strength in the eyes and minds of many IMHO!

And does he explain why we

And does he explain why we NEED progress??? Is this progress just an illusion to encourage us to enslave ourselves??? Is progress what got us where we are today???

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