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Video: Ron Paul Speaks @ Strafford County GOP - Dover NH 3/25/11

Ron Paul gave a great speech at Strafford County GOP's Inaugural Lincoln and Reagan dinner. He knocked it out of the park!

One of my favorite lines of the night:
"We shouldn't be judging politicians on how many bills they pass - we should be judging them on how many they REPEAL!"

Part 1:

Part 2 below:

Part 3:
Coming soon - still uploading

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The Message Is The Same..."Freedom, Prosperity And Peace"

No One Credible Person In America Says It Any Better.


Ron Paul In 2012

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I was there and got to meet the Doctor

I was very excited, my wife and I paid the premium to go to the VIP pre-reception. They had a line to meet Dr. Paul and have a photo taken. It was sort of like seeing Santa at the mall - wait in line, tell him what you want for Christmas (liberty, please), have a photo snapped, move on. Also had my copy of "Revolution" autographed.

I only got to tell him how much I admired him. It wasn't like we could have a discussion over limited-space monopoly pricing or compulsory education.

I felt a little silly since I was being a juvenile fan boy to a degree, but still very much enjoyed it.

Some of the trimmings of the event were very GOP (we had to clap for the GOP, say a prayer, and then recite the Pledge of Allegiance, three things I could've done without).

The guy before the doctor was pretty bad. Said we had to support Republicans regardless of our differences (strike 1) and the whole thing was about beating democrats. Lots of Reagan worship. They read a letter where another senator bragged about saving $30 Million of federal budget. Pretending that Lincoln wasn't like the second worst president ever. Not too much on winning the intellectual argument.

People chanted 'end the Fed'.

Not too much new material from the Doctor (as if he were a comedian, he was funny though). He was very light/cautious about war on drugs (not mentioning it or drugs explicitly). Right at the end he suggested that his views of the constitution would be different he was alive at the time of its drafting, suggesting that he probably would've been against the union. (I'm inferring this point, and it delighted me)

I met some very engaged libertarians at my dinner table. Most seemed to be in their 20's at our table. I thought they were college aged but my wife thought they could've been in their thirties. Interesting and engaged people all around.

Before I went I realized that there was no other person in the world, be they president, celebrity actor, rockstar, author, pro athlete, business leader, etc., that I'd have rather seen in the whole world than Dr. Paul. Nobody.

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Dr. Paul is my congressman

Here in Brazoria County, Texas, the GOP is mostly against Dr. Paul because of the differences he has with "the party". Phooey on their so called party, I support Dr. Paul because of his knowledge and integrity NOT because of "party".

I have a little story about Reagan I would like to tell. My neo-con precinct chair is a heavily entrenched "Republican" and I have opposed her a couple of times but she still gets elected because of familiarity. We exchange e-mails until she gets p-o'ed at me and goes off mad. Recently we discussed (my) libertarianism and (her/our) conservatism. She dislikes Ron Paul because he espouses libertarian (little "l") beliefs. Ronald Reagan said once that "I believe the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism." to which I posed the question "what did he mean by that statement?". She had NO answer to the question except that "she did not know" and has quit responding to additional inquiries. This is hilarious to me as it proves to me that these neo-cons calling themselves "Republicans" today know NOTHING about conservatism NOR their hero, Ronald Reagan.

P.S. I'm glad you got to meet Dr. Paul, he is truly the Thomas Jefferson of the day.

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~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

Well said!

I 100% agree with the observations you mentioned for the Dover event. I was in the audience too and witness Ron Paul for the first time in person. Wow! It was like he really WAS Santa Claus. I never get star struck but I did with Ron Paul. Unfortunately, I could not get a pick with the good doctor. Lesson learned.

Anyway, I did speak with one of GOP event coordinators. She ask me why I was here. I responded with saying that I was from Massachusetts and wanted to see Ron Paul for the first time. Then she asked me if I was thinking about any other candidates for president, my short answer..."NO!" She smiled... :)



My video is much better quality

Just sayin . . .


I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man


Better quality vid


I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man

Oh - I appreciate it.

I didn't actually intend to video the speech when I came to the dinner - so it was just a handheld shot with my iphone - i just wanted to get it up there ASAP. Thanks for your version!!!

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Thanks, MoreRockin!

The first 4min20sec of your tape gives the very beginning of the speech, which is missing in the other youtube series. . . and we get to SEE Ron's face on your video.

Many thanks to BOTH of you, videographers!

Bumpity Bump

This is a must see to all the DP faithful

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For old time Ron supporters: this gives a great summary of what he has been talking about, delivered in a clear organized manner.

For new seekers: this is an excellent overview of what Ron is about. He defines FREEDOM and liberty and what OUR mission is.

"Set your goal to learn, study and understand" what this liberty movement is about and "do your best to excel and offer it up". Some will be called to run for office, some to be teachers, writers, movie-makers, supporters for others etc: "Everybody has a role to play".

He is NOT interested in becoming a president to gain power and control: "I don't WANT to run your life or the economy." But as the destruction of USA dollar approaches and when MOST people start to realize and become concerned about the seriousness of the problem, It will be hard for Ron Paul to "avoid the conversation".

+ 1

Thank you.

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Another great speech - There was a LOT of strong RP support!