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Is Phil Moffett striking an FDA nerve in Kentucky!

Do you need another good reason to support the Trevor Lyman "Nullify the FDA" money bomb in support of Phil Moffett for governor of Kentucky!

Headlines in today's Lexington Hearld Leader "news" paper are an indication that Phil Moffett's campaign for governor in Kentucky, the one calling for nullification, liberty, balanced budgets and constitutional government is obviously striking a nerve.

The article about Scott & Ginny Saville and the raid on their long time and well respected retail store, The Botany Bay, in Lexington is clearly more political than anything the police are alleging is illegal.

Scott & Ginny have been long time and generous supporters of the Liberty Movement, Ron Paul, Rand Paul and of course now Phil Moffett who is running for governor of Kentucky.

DP'ers, It's time to double down on supporting Phil Moffett for governor of Kentucky and supporting and spreading the word as far and wide as you can about the upcoming Phil Moffett "Nullify the FDA" money bomb! Attacking the LIBERTY of one is attacking the liberty of all. So any support for Scott and Ginny Saville and what they do to support the Liberty Movement can take the form of a generous donation to the Phil Moffett for governor campaign and your help in spreading the word!

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wow Phil Moffett is hitting

wow Phil Moffett is hitting close to home...

Big bump

for Liberty!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

politics is despicable

The politics here in Kentucky is sinking to new lows.

Please contribute to Phil!

You're so right!

Here's my comments on the "news" article:

This is a fine example of just how deep and how smelly the political cesspool is in Kentucky and in the Kentucky "news" media. Just when one thinks the lowest rung on the ladder has been reached in political chicanery the Lexington Leader finds another one lower with a political hit piece like this one.

This only indicates that Phil Moffett has gained significant traction in the GOP primary election against the despicable Sen. David Williams, so heck lets do a political attack piece.

There is a very strong odor that the police raid on The Botany Bay store itself was a political statement and now John Cheves has been dispatched over 1 month after the raid to draw a bead on candidate Phil Moffett.

I'll be anxiously awaiting the results of the Lexington Leader's thorough search of all criminal records in Kentucky and beyond including (like Scott & Ginny Saville) those who have only been accused of criminal activity and cross referencing that with ALL candidates, especially Sen. David Williams, to see if there are any others who have supported candidates and either committed a crime or were simply accused of it.

Of course I'm sure you know I'll not be holding my breath waiting! And I'm now motivated to work overtime to help elect Phil Moffett.

How disgusting! And they call this "news"! Congratulations to the Lexington Leader for finding a new low in Kentucky politics!