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Louisville preppers may soon need to prepare to protect their resources from local government theft

Rather than just being prepared the city of Louisville is now considering an ordinance whereby unprepared government officials / workers can confiscate or seize various property, during emergencies or crisis situations, from those who did have the foresight to prepare.

Two short blurbs from the article:

Language in Louisville's proposed emergency response plan, which would give the city the power to "commandeer private property" and "seize" buildings in a crisis, has given several of the city's elected leaders pause.


Goodman, who has been pushing Louisville to adopt an emergency preparedness plan for several years, said he understands how some of the draconian language in the ordinance raises "red flags," including a section that empowers city officials to "seize any food, clothing, water or medical supplies necessary to sustain displaced disaster victims.

Just imagine some government goon trying to steal your emergency supplies and/or resources during an actual emergency. Maybe you have a generator, a well tuned vehicle capable of traversing rough terrain, lots of firewood to heat your home & keep your family warm, food storage, water storage and the local government simply decides that they are going to take your preps and resources because they failed to prepare and have none. What if it was an extended crisis and they wanted to take your sustainability resources including your seeds, livestock, solar or wind energy equipment, etc.

How would you feel about that? How would you respond?

This isn't about the government simply asking for help. Most people would gladly help their neighbors and community. The issue here is about forced confiscation & seizure. The gov calls this practice confiscation & seizure but I'm referring to it as theft, because that's what it really is. Theft by a government that failed to prepare.

They obviously see the need to be ready for emergencies & potential crisis situations. They ought to just prepare rather than make plans to "legally" (via ordinance) steal the resources and preparations of others.

Anyhow, the article can be read at http://www.dailycamera.com/news/ci_17681980 If there are any Louisville locals here you might want to start calling your town leaders about this new ordinance that's being considered. I'm in NJ, but still it really peeves me to see any local (or whatever level of) government making plans to steal resources and necessities from their people because the gov failed to prepare.

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