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Japanese Highway repaired in 6 days

Lets see American workers do this. Every time I drive by highway construction sites, 3/4 of the people are standing around doing nothing, and they make $80/hour/.


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Yes, BIG Difference

I lived in Japan for a couple of years and noticed the difference between Japanese and American construction workers. Three or four "supervisors" standing around one guy with a shovel in America. Japanese workers are typically fully employed at the job sites. Occasionally you'll see all of them sitting alongside the road eating lunch at the same time but, then it's back-to-work time.

this is one reason states are broke

wasteful spending on union labor. All work should be privatized and let companies bid on the job.

Up here in Michigan

we've got pot holes bigger than that.


impressed me compared to ODOT (Ohio). In Ohio, they block off ten miles of highway at a time for months at a time and you hardly ever see anyone working. What I saw in Michigan was only a small bit blocked off at night, people working in that bit, and done by morning.

Defend Liberty!

private versus public

The private industries that get the contracts to do the work usually have a completion date. With that if they get it done earlier they get a bonus, if after the date they get penalized.

Government has the contract, then the workers have no incentive to complete something on time. Heck, its even better to prolong it to keep their jobs.

*** not every government worker is lazy, but just an example of incentives.

+ 1

but wait --
sheeple are better in watching American Idol on Japanese TV's.

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